Madden NFL 18 Week 3 Roster Update Live, Player Ratings Changes Detailed

Madden 18 Dallas Cowboys Oline

Is the Dallas Cowboys offensive line overrated? EA thinks so, as the roster update for Madden NFL 18 sees two Cowboys offensive linement drop in overall....

Madden 18 Dallas Cowboys Oline

Is the Dallas Cowboys offensive line overrated? EA sure seems to think so, as their latest roster update forMadden NFL 18sees the overall of two of the Cowboys premiere offensive linemen drop big time.

Cowboys Oline no longer dominant?

Widely regarded as the best offensive line in the league, the Denver Broncos manhandled the Dallas O-line in week 2, limiting Zeke to just 8 yards on 9 carries. As a result, Center Travis Frederick and LT Tyron Smith both see declines in their rating. Frederick dropped a massive 8 points in Run Block (92 to 84), which in turn dropped his overall from 93 to 89. Smith, meanwhile dropped 9 in Run Block (89 to 80) and 6 in Pass Block (94 to 88), bringing his overall rating down from 94 to 89. Is it overreaction to one really bad game, or was the Cowboys offensive line overrated from the start? The changes mean the Cowboysno longer have 3 of the top 5 offensive linemenin Madden NFL 18.

Movin’ on up!

On the flip side, Denver Broncos ROLB saw his overall increase by a whopping 4 points, and he is now rated 86. Other big movers include Lions TE Eric Ebron (83 to 85 overall), Ravens TE Benjamin Watons (80 to 85 overall), and Buccaneers RT Demar Dotson (80 to 84 overall).

Another ’99 Club’ Member Leaves

With week 3, Madden NFL 18’s ’99 Club’ is down to just one player, Von Miller. This week, we bid farewell to Rams DT Aaron Donald, who dropped 2 overall point (99 to 97). His Block Shedding, Finesse Moves, and Power Moves ratings all declined by 2 or 3 points.

Patriots QB Tom Brady dropped to 98 with week 2’s ratings update.

The changes in Madden NFL 18’s week 3 roster update are a result of week 2 performances in real life. You can the comprehensive list of updated ratings changes here.

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