MBA Petroleum Accounting and Finance

MBA Petroleum Accounting and Finance...

MBA Petroleum Accounting and Finance

Course Synopsis

The MBA in Petroleum Accounting  and Financeprogrammeof  the  University of Professional  Studies is designed to  meet  high level  academic and professional needs of public and private sectors of  the  economy  particularly  the oil  and gas  sector. The  programme will prepare  participants to  assume a larger role  in  managing their organizations’  operations as well as  develop  their expertise in  the  key  financial  areas of the Oil  and Gas  industries. The curriculum places much emphasis on the improvement of thebusinessmanger’s ability to handle with professionalism, the various financial problems confronting globalbusinessin the Oil and Gas industry. On successful completion of this  programme, participants will examine financial policies applicable to  oil  and gas  industry, prepare and  analyze the   financial statements and performance of  petroleum companies, identify basic  concepts involved  in  petroleum economics and  assess risks associated with  the global  oil  industry.

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