Movement Lifestyle Studio: Ellen Kim Classes in L.A. and More

The new Movement Lifestyle dance studio in L.A.'s NoHo Arts District offers regular hip-hop classes with Ellen Kim and more starting July 7, 2011....

July 7, 2011

We have been eagerly watching the development of the new Movement Lifestyle dance studio in L.A.’s NoHo Arts District. A regular class schedule takes effect starting today!

The Movement Lifestyle studio features top instructors. The current schedule includesAndyeJ, KyleHanagami, Ellen Kim,MykellWilson,GigiTorres, Nick D, Bam Martin, andJaffarSmith. Classes are $12 each. See the link for a full schedule!

Movement Lifestyle Studio Class Schedule

Ellen Kim’s Classes

Many of you have been visiting our site looking for Ellen Kim’s classes in Los Angeles. We’re glad to be able to tell you she now has two regular weekly classes.

  • Int/Adv Hip Hop: Thursdays, 5-6:20 pm.
  • Beg/Int Hip Hop: Fridays, 5-6:20 pm.

The mL studio’s “Roulette Fridays” class will offer a different choreographer each week, 6:30-7:50 pm on Friday night. Dancers can follow Movement Lifestyle on Twitter, “like” the Movement Lifestyle Facebook Page, or join the Movement Lifestyle Tumblr to stay updated on who’s teaching.

Congratulations to Movement Lifestyle on putting together a great teaching lineup!

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