New hunting movie – RAM hunting in Thuringia

The European mouflon (hunter language muffle muffle wild) is actually on the island of Corsica and Sardinia. Since about 200 years the mouflon by settlements in the rest of Europe. Adapted to a Mountain habitat, it takes refuge in case of danger, up the slope, if it constitutes a danger to himself.

Muffle hunter

And your eyesight is excellent developed. The muffle feels wild in the Thuringian slate mountains. Hard surface for healthy shells and enough steep slopes, where even the Wolf can not follow. So this area is contrary to the nationwide Trend of Population decline for their high muffle population is known.

Mouflon RAM hunting in Thuringia

Nevertheless, the muffle hunting remains demanding. Only 8000 muffle annually stretched in Germany. At 1000 meters a muffle to perceive a person visually (Piegert et al., P. 13). Also, you are always in motion. Just as it was on the hunting night, as I stretched my first Aries.

It is in the middle of March 2018. It Eike was again a snow and hunting friend and I were hunting in an area of Natura wild-hunting trips in the Thuringian slate mountains. A whole week we have planned for the RAM hunt, but already on the first day of the hunt we had achieved everything we had dreamed of hunting.

Early on I sat down on a Forest canopy. Of a forest path I had to walk a few meters in a steep slope to take in a new pulpit, which is likely to have not experienced many hunts. Equipped with the mount socket Merkel B4 and a 42 objective lens of the Leupold, the possible time window for a successful hunt. The March days are still short and in the woods the rifle is light, fades quickly.

Mouflon RAM hunting in Thuringia

However, already at half past six o’clock in the evening a small herd of mouflon switched to a counter-slope. Quick as a flash, I went with the Merkel mount socket B4 in the attack. Fixed in the pulpit, corner based, I was looking for a suitable gap in the rod of wood, where the pack would pull. When I found you, I hoped then, that the foregone rams remained standing in the gap, and a sufficient field of fire offered. A few seconds, he offered me exactly this opportunity, to place the fine light-emitting point of the reticle on the sheet. I hooked his right index finger, broke the shot and in 90 metres of the Aries moment collapsed on the slope and slid down the slope. The subsequent rescue was dangerous and exhausting. But is not it? Hunting as an adventure?! For me, Yes!

Mouflon RAM hunting in Thuringia

And at the top of the ridge, as I sat at the muffle, it was very quiet. And the setting sun created a color game; for one of these “magic moments” when hunting on the search I am.

After the tiring mountains, and Provide hunting friend drove Eike and I to another place in the area, the gamekeeper described the hunting place for the following Morning to clarify.

The five-piece muffle stood wild no 120 step next to the car and the nest on the snow-covered winter barley field for food.

Eikes hunting skills and a great deal of luck in Hunting then brought the evening of the second prey in this Hunt. Eike made it the Merkel RX.To load a Helix in time, the stalk floor next to the car, and then a yearling rams pick. To me only the opportunity remained to be seen, and to observe the hunt.

To me this place is in the second row. This view of the snow-covered Plateau, that of the setting, fire-red evening sun in a color is illuminated, the I can not describe in words. And in the Middle of this magnificent Scenery, the rams were. It was only when the shot broke, broke my mixed feeling of tension and a dreamy admiration for these magnificent images of nature.

After the shot broke down, went to the Corona and from the found connection, we followed the trail of the Exodus and the red sign through the ankle deep snow.

Eike, the shows, the cool emotion of a Skandinaviers, knelt next to his yearling rams, and the joy of his hunting luck was with him. A long time his Smile beamed on both cheeks.

Reason enough, he has, he belongs now to a small circle of the successful mouflon RAM hunter.

Greeting and Waidmannsheil Your three Scion

Here it is, in fact, to the Film about this special experience

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