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The coronavirus that causes an acute viral infection, which is characterized by a severe defeat of the respiratory system and the digestive tract. Origin, coronavirus – zoonotic...

Coronavirus– an acute viral infection, which is characterized by a severe defeat of the respiratory system and the digestive tract. The origin of the coronavirus that causes zoonotic infection.

Ways and causes of

The primary cause of coronavirus – severe mutation of the virus. The infection transmitted from one person to another. Duration of contagiousness is high.

The source of the disease are some species of animals. For example, sources noted exotic birds, poisonous snakes, monkeys.

And transmission of coronavirus to humans, as we know, originated from bats. However, information about whether Pets can be carriers of this virus is not.

Transmission of coronavirus happens in a lot of ways:

• Air-dust,

• Airborne

• Fecal-oral.

And factors of transmission of the virus is considered as a vomit, and nasopharyngeal secretions.

All people have a high risk of Contracting the virus, regardless of age, gender and lifestyle.

Expression of coronavirus

Manifests itself this infection, usually after 2-3 days. Today, however, recorded cases of the virus two weeks after infection.

Despite the fact that the person may not notice this disease, it is still infected, which transmits the infection to others.

This disease is very similar to the flu or a cold, what is the reason that it is often not possible in time to identify and start the treatment immediately.


The most striking symptoms of the coronavirus that need to pay attention to are:

• Acute and prolonged pain in the head,

• Sharp pain during such processes as swallowing or sneezing,

• The manifestation of hypoxia,

• Strong and regular chills,

• Long lasting and dry cough,

• High temperature (over 37.5 degrees),

• Constant and severe pain in the muscles

• Rhinitis.

Initially, the symptoms of coronavirus are indistinguishable from the symptoms of common cold or flu. However, after two or three days of good treatment condition of the person deteriorates.

The initial signs of coronavirus include:

• Severe weakness

• Eye lesions

• Fever,

• Long-lasting cough.

The mild form of the disease, these symptoms can be almost invisible, but in severe – they appear in full force.

Coronavirus in young children

In children the infection encompasses the lower part of the respiratory tract, which in turn causes a very severe pain in the chest and heavy breathing.

Also, they are characterized by rales in the lungs, lymphadenitis of the neck and inflammation of the larynx.

Leakage and complications

Recovery occurs fairly quickly, after about a week after infection. Besides, there are forms of coronavirus infections that do not cause complications in General.

If, however, manifested a severe form of coronavirus, the recovery may come a month later or even more.

In severe form of the disease consequences of the infection is very unfavourable for the body:

• Pronounced intoxication,

• Pulmonary edema,

• Multiple organ failure,

• And, finally, respiratory failure.


Regular clinical by identifying this disease is impossible, because the symptoms of coronavirus are very similar to symptoms of other diseases such as the flu and colds. To determine whether the human body this infection can only be a special test system.


To cure this disease, which is expressed exclusively in the form of light, perhaps by taking drugs that suppress the symptoms of the virus. These include fever tablets, cough drops, and so on.

In severe form of the disease should be used exclusively to medical therapy.

To treat the infection using such drugs as:

• Corticosteroids,

• Antiviral pills,

• Immunoglobulins,

Corticosteroids are appointed only in the worst case of the disease, most often in mortal danger.

In severe infection are often prescribed treatment by antibiotics, as well as a fairly popular process for artificial pulmonary ventilation.

Also very popular method of treatment of a coronavirus, which is that the infected injected blood plasma from recently been ill with pneumonia.


At this point in time, the vaccine against this infection has not yet been developed. For this reason, prevention of the disease is also still there.

However, if you experience some of the symptoms of coronavirus are required to stay only at home!

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