Perfect T: How to make the LuLaRoe Perfect T…perfect.

I must admit that it wasn’t love at first sight, or even the second or third. When the Perfect T was released last summer, I actually hated it! I thought it made me look pregnant. I decided I would NEVER carry this shirt in my inventory.

However, my customers kept asking for it. What did they see in this shirt that I was missing? I decided to take a leap of faith and order a few. And now, I have over 75 pieces and it’s one of my most popular styles! Here’s why:

It’s Comfy!

There is plenty of room in this shirt to wear a myriad of sizes. You really don’t have to wait for the right print to come along in your one size. You can literally wear at least 3 different sizes if not more and have it fit just about the same.

Perfect T: How to make the LuLaRoe Perfect T…perfect.

It’s Flattering!

The Perfect T is meant to be worn snug around the shoulders and bust then drapes nicely as it flares away from the body. It’s called “fit and flare”. This is what turned me off of this shirt to begin with. The flare was just too much for me. However, I’ve found that different fabrics drape differently and THAT makes all the difference.

Perfect T: How to make the LuLaRoe Perfect T…perfect.

It’s Versatile!

Most people like to play with their clothes. I’m not one of them. A shirt is a shirt is a shirt. You pull it on over your head and walk out the door. However, since I’ve started wearing Perfect T’s, I’ve learned some great styling tricks along the way. Some work great for my pear shape, other’s not quite so much. But the versatility is still there. AND I love to play with this silhouette.  Check out some styling options here.

To add to it’s versatility, the Perfect T can be layered with our Julia dress as well as our Carly Dress. Can we say capsule wardrobe? You can get an entirely different look with just three pieces of LuLaRoe clothing. You can also wear it pool side as a cover-up for your swimsuit.

Are you ready to give it a try? Let’s work together to find you the right fit and print for your summer wardrobe! Come join my shopping page and we’ll find you the perfect Perfect T!

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