Prepare Your Home for Summer Heat

Air conditioner care

Inspect your air conditioner filter every  month to make sure that it isn’t hindering the air flow and  making your unit work extra hard, making it use extra energy.

Change the filter every three months, or more often if it looks dirty or clogged.

Air conditioner filter

Air conditioner filter

Whenever you check the air filter, clean your air conditioner coils. Again, dust particles restrict the air conditioner air flow, and by coating the coils, reduce their ability to absorb heat.

Create a cross breeze in your home

Open windows

Open windows during the cooler part of the day

On less humid days, turn the air conditioner unit off and open all the windows in your home.

Turn on your ceiling fans.

Place a free standing fan by a window and blow the cool air inside. This is especially helpful in early morning, evening and during the night when the air is coolest.

Close the window blinds


Keep blinds and curtains closed during the hot part of the day

Block the heat inducing sun rays and keep your house cooler by tightly closing the curtains and window shades during the hottest and brightest part of the day.

Open all curtains, shades and windows again at night when air cools down.


Change to compact fluorescent  light bulbs

Compact Fluorescent light bulbs

Compact Fluorescent light bulbs


Compact florescent light bulbs are more energy efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs and produce 75 percent less heat.




Don’t waste water

Pitcher of icy water, always ready

Pitcher of icy water, always ready

Always have a pitcher of icy water ready in your refrigerator.

Letting the water run from the tap until it turns cold is wasteful and inefficient.





Water your garden efficiently

Water your garden efficiency

Water your garden efficiency

Arrange your sprinklers carefully so that only your plants are watered, not the driveway, sidewalk or street.

It is best (for plants as well as for water conservation) to water early in the mornings or later in the evenings.

Watering when temperatures are lower reduces water evaporation.

If you mulch your garden, the soil will be much better at retaining water and blocking the growth of weeds.

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