Puma Osu NM Running Shoe Review

Do you want to run faster and for longer? If yes, then there are several things you have to do other than training harder and one of them is acquiring a good pair of running shoes. Puma is a well-known brand around the world when it comes to sportswear and this includes running shoes. The Puma Osu NM is one of the newest running shoes from this manufacturer.

It is essentially an update of the original Puma Osu created with modern materials, a new bootie mesh and a new vamp mesh for easier on and off access. The shoes are very stylish and comfortable to wear. It is always important to wear good quality shoes when you run and train to provide comfort and protection, and the Puma Osu NM provides all of that.

A lightweight shoe offering the ultimate lifestyle appeal, the Osu NM offers comfort, versatility and an attractive, innovative look that appeals to both teenagers and adults alike. Moreover, both men and women specific versions of the shoe are available on the market, so anyone can enjoy the unique features highlighted below regardless of their gender.

Design features of the Puma Osu NM

The Puma OSU NM running shoe is popular not just because of its price and aesthetic appeal, but also because it is built with firm, strong material. It features a carbon rubber out sole etched with deep flex grooves to provide optimal comfort and flexibility.

The mid sole mainly made of the highly flexible CM-EVA while the aesthetically pleasing upper is made of synthetic suede with bootie, mesh construction. The tip of the shoe/toe box is round, which results in a closer fit, but less wiggle room for your toes.

Tired of tying laces only for them to come undone a short while later? Or do you get frustrated when lace less shoes turn out to be just a little too tight or too loose? Then you have a reason to smile since the OSU NM is Velcro closured, which makes getting the shoes on and off a breeze. The Velcro strap can be easily adjusted for optimal feel and comfort.

Comfort and stability

The Puma Osu NM running shoes comes with an Eco-Ortholite foot bed, which is an environmentally friendly foam with the remarkable ability to retain its shape over time thus ensuring a consistent fit every time you wear the shoes. The out sole is deeply grooved and is made of highly abrasive carbon rubber material that offers increased stability without wearing out too fast.

Dimensions and weight of the shoe

The Puma Osu NM is quite light at just under ten ounces, which is perfect for both medium and long training sessions. This measurement was taken using men’s size 8.5, width B-medium. Expect the weight to vary slightly with changes in shoe size. On and off access of the OSU NM is very easy, thanks to the incorporated Velcro hook and loop closure and booties construction.

Type of running the shoe is designed for

The Puma Osu NM is comfortable, looks good and is available in a rich array of colors. It is ideal for running enthusiasts looking for something to help improve performance and its undoubted aesthetic appeal makes it the ideal gift for teenagers or anyone who wants to feel cool and confident.

Last thoughts on the Puma Osu NM

The first thing you will notice when you see the Osu NM running shoe from Puma is just how stylish they look. They really are a very good looking shoe, and available in both men’s and women’s too. As soon as you put the shoe on you will then feel how comfortable they are too. They are flexible so you can do a wide variety of exercise in them with no restrictions on your feet. The Puma Osu NM is a very good quality running shoe available at a very reasonable price.

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