Rhode island reported the first case of infection with coronavirus

Rhode island on Sunday reported its first "presumptive positive" case of coronavirus, a 40 year old man, who went to Italy, France, Spain...

Rhode island on Sunday reported its first “presumptive positive” case of coronavirus, a man aged 40 years, who recently traveled to Italy, France and Spain, said government officials at a press conference on Sunday.

It was the first case in the United States, which officials associated with travel to Europe.

According to officials, on Sunday the man was treated at the hospital and his immediate family was quarantined at home.

The patient was at work and had restricted trips to Rhode island since I returned from Europe, according to the state health Department. State officials said they tried to contact at least 40 people who came into contact with the man and asked these people to isolate themselves within 14 days from the moment of their contact.

Officials said that will be checked only people who have the symptoms.

“We expected that at some moment you appear before us to make an announcement that we make today,” said Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, Director of the state Department of health Rhode island. “We are not seeing widespread transmission of the virus in Rhode island”.

Important:we recommend to watch the first symptoms of the coronavirus in humans and preventive measures to reduce the chance of infection. A graph that is on the main page of our project is a detailed online map of coronavirus with data updates every 15 minutes.

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