Round of infection in Central China expanded

Round of infection in Central China has been extended to Hubei province. Comments infected in China Dan Chao on the content of the quarantine zone....

Senior officials in Beijing on Thursday 13 February 2020 revealed detailed information on the number of patients or, perhaps, infected with the coronavirus of people outside Wuhan, a city in the center of the outbreak of coronavirus, to include other cities in Hubei province that were severely affected by the crisis, according to the state. start broadcasting of CCTV.

The expansion takes place even amid reports that mass quarantines in Wuhan suffer from cases of chaos and disorganization that increases the anxiety and frustration in a city that already is on the verge of a long procrastination.

Orders on the beginning of the mass quarantine in Wuhan last week was received from the government to “gather everyone you need to surround”, within the framework of the campaign “war” to contain a fast-spreading outbreak of coronavirus.

Confirmed patients with mild symptoms was placed in a special quarantine zone. The suspects went to neornithine hotels and schools to be isolated from the healthy population. Close contacts of confirmed cases and patients with fever that might be infected were also placed in separate institutions.

In seeking to implement the decree, officials in Wuhan randomly collected patients, in some cases separating them from their families and placing them in temporary medical facilities, sometimes without medication or support they need.

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