Scott Running T2 Kinabalu 2.0 Trail Running Shoes Review

Scott Running takes lightweight performance and combines it with all-terrain ruggedness to create the all-new Scott Running T2 Kinabalu 2.0. The recently-released trail running shoe is built on the advanced AeroFoam midsole unit that protects your feet from impact and debris without slowing you down.

The neutral design of the Kinabalu 2.0 also helps runners achieve a more efficient stride with the aid of the eRide rockered sole. A Wet Traction Rubber graces the shoe’s outsole for a versatile traction, while the Closed Mesh upper and Sandwich Mesh Tongue ensure a comfy and confident run every time.

A closer look at the Scott Running T2 Kinabalu 2.0

Breezy and protective

The 2.0’s upper is a work of art for a trail running shoe. While it’s not the lightest at 10.8 ounces (men’s size 10), it more than makes up for in breathability, protection, and the ability to repel water. For breathability, the Closed Mesh upper lets cool breezes touch your tired tootsies while keeping debris away.

The inclusion of TPU Overlays offer protection and support, together with the Sandwich Mesh Tongue that keeps you safe from blister-causing pressure points. Both the heel and forefoot have water ports that wicks water away when dashing through creeks. And while the absence of a water-resistant coating means rain and water can soak through the uppers, the trail running shoe dries relatively quick.

Multi-directional performance

These trail shoes works well through mud, over ice, in snow, and just about any rugged terrain. Faster strides and ascents through technical trails are also enjoyable and made safer with the protective and grippy Wet Traction Rubber outsole.

This outsole unit not only provides a defensive and multi-directional traction, but also gives runners optimal control from toe-off to landing. And while the T2 Kinabalu 2.0 is mainly a trail shoe, it’s still a good pair for a bit of road running here and there.

Ground-breaking sole unit

For the midsole, Scott Running brings back their very light and ultra-cushy Aero Foam technology. It works by molding to your contours of your foot after a few runs, and conforms to your natural running arch just as quickly. Another great aspect of the Kinabalu 2.0 is the eRide rockered sole geometry that helps improve energy efficiency and stride motion.

Another great aspect of the Kinabalu 2.0 is the eRide rockered sole geometry that helps improve energy efficiency and stride motion. It does this by absorbing the impact during the foot strike and transforming the impact energy into forward momentum.

Excellent fit and support

As the step-up model to the old Scott T2, the Kinabalu 2.0 is very well made and fits very comfortably. It features the company’s latest racing insoles that helps reduce overall weight while giving your feet excellent cush and support.

The full length of the upper fabric is stitched with Strobel Last for a comfy yet flexible underfoot feel. The laces of the shoe also went through some nice upgrades, as it now comes with a grippy coating that prevents untying when in motion. Plus, there’s an elastic bungee that helps prevent excess lace from flapping around as you run.

Additional information

The Scott Running T2 Kinabalu 2.0 Trail Running Shoes is available in men’s standard and women’s standard sizes and up. It comes in a Green/Red/Black and Green/Yellow/Black color schemes and is covered by the manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

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