Shiv India Institute of Management & Technology Admission Requirements

Shiv India Institute of Management & Technology Admission Requirements...

Shiv India Institute of Management & Technology Admission Requirements


Admission Requirements  for First Degree Duration 3 yeras

Category A: Senior High School (SHS) Certificate holders

  1. Must have six (6) credit passes (A-D) or better, including three (3) Core Subjects: English Language,Mathematics, Social Studies and Science/Integrated Science, and three (3) Electives.
  2. Senior High School (WASSCE) applicants with 6 credit passes (A1 – C6) OR BETTER in 6 subjects comprising three (3) core subjects (English, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies) and three (3) elective subjects in their WASSCE.

The WAEC equivalent of the WASSCE/SSSCE grading system has been adopted.  This is shown in the table

D7 & E8E5

Category B:Mature Applicants

  1. Must be at least 25 years by 1stFebruary or 1stSeptember of the academic year one wants to enrol
  2. Must hold:
    1. A Teacher’s Certificate ‘A’ OR
    2. SHS Certificate or a Certificate of Professional Training from recognised institution
  • Must have credit passes in Mathematics (core) and English OR
  1. Pass the Mature Students Entrance Examination comprising of a General Paper (including English and Mathematics) and a Special Paper (to test standard achievement in subjects relevant to theprogrammefor which he/she is applying)
  2. Must pass an interview.

Category C: AdvancedBusinessCertificate Examination (ABCE)

  1. Passes in three (3) subjects (at least, one of the passes should be Grade D or better). Also, the applicant must have had credit passes in five (5) subjects including English Language, mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies in the GeneralBusinessCertificate Examination (GBCE).

Category D: Diploma Holders

  1. Recognized Diploma / Certificate: (RSA III, ABCE, etc.)
  2. Applicants with foundation stages of ACCA, ICA, CIMA and other professional qualifications.
  3. HND holders for top-up programs.

Category E: School Certificate/GCE Holders

  1. Five (5) credits at GCE ‘O’ Level including English Language and Mathematics as well as two (2) ‘A’ Level passes other than General Paper in relevant subjects.
  2. Applicants with ‘A’ Level results which are more than five (5) years old should apply as mature applicants.
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