South Carolina Ghost Stories & Haunted Places

Ghostly tales and places where hauntings occur in South Carolina is what you'll find here. From the many ghost stories of Charleston, including the tale of The Whistling Ghost, to The Ghost Hound of Goshen you'll find tales both familiar and new....

A brothers love and desire to protect his sister stops her from being with her true love and prevents her from resting at piece as the ghost of Alice Flagg searches for her ring in the Hermitage in Murells Inlet, South Carolina.

A mother’s grief over her dead infant would not let her rest in peace. 99 years after her child died, was Sue Howard Hardy’s ghost captured on film while morning at a grave? Some believe it was and the ghost of St. Philips Church in Charleston, South Carolina is our story today.

Oakwood Cemetery has a reputation for being one of South Carolina’s most haunted places. Located in Spartanburg, it is home to a number of ghosts and other paranormal activities. This is the story of Hell’s Gate Cemetery.

A wedding should be one of the happiest days in a couples life. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes, when things go really bad, they leave a ghostly imprint on the Earth. This is one such story that happened at Hagley Landing, South Carolina. The haunted vision that appeared before Eugene LaBruce, and it’s lasting echo.

For the most of men who’ve seen battle, a piece of the conflict is taken home with them as a sort of unwanted souvenir. The ordeal they experienced is something that those of us who’ve never seen battle could never understand. And yet, on at least one occasion, they come back to protect and warn the living. Columbia, South Carolina was the place for one of the most odd of ghost sightings…

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