Spruce Up Your Dryer for the Holidays

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With the holidays upon us, many of us have family and guests coming to stay at our home for extended periods of time.

There will be lots of extra laundry to do, so make sure your dryer is working at its full, and most efficient potential.

Dryer Maintenance Video - how to clean lint filter, lint screen housing, venting, inside the cabinet and more

Dryer Maintenance Video – how to clean lint filter, lint screen housing, venting, inside the cabinet and more

Tips to follow so everything runs smoothly and efficiently when it comes to drying laundry:

  • Clean your lint filter before every load. Replace lint filter if bent, worn, or it the screen is broken.
  • It should take most dryers around 45 minutes to dry a large load. If your dryer takes a lot more time, the vent system on your dryer might be clogged up. Use a long handle vent cleaning brush to clean the venting tubes.
  • Check to make sure that your dryer has metal ducting components instead of white vinyl tubing. This is a national and local building code requirement. Rigid aluminum tubing pieces are best for preventing lint from collecting in the ducts. Flexible aluminum ducting is more prone to lint and dust collection, and white vinyl ducting is flammable and considered dangerous in causing house fires.
  • If your dryer roller becomes noisy or starts to squeak, you should not oil it, but need to replace it, as well as the shaft that it  rotates on.
  • Gas dryers are less expensive to run than electric dryers, in fact, they are usually half as expensive to operate.
  • If you use dryer sheets, remember that they frequently case residue to build up on the screen of the lint filter as well as clog the electronic moisture sensor. Wash the filter screen with a bit of warm water and detergent using a soft brush. Remove residue off the electronic moisture sensor with a soft cotton ball and a bit of rubbing alcohol.
  • Always check to make sure that the dryer sheets come out of the dryer together with the dry clothes as they can get stuck in the lint filter or over the vents.
  • Make sure that your dryer is level and properly installed. If not, different parts and components of your dryer can wear out and be destroyed permanently.

For more dryer tips and information, all the parts you need, repair help and videos, and much more, visit this excellent appliance resource.

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