Stop Snoring Solutions To Help You and Your Mate—Sleep Soundly

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If you’ve ever been through a sleepless night of the grinding, shaking and annoyance of a snoring partner, you know how hard it can be to find stop snoring solutions that work. ...

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Stop Snoring Solutions To Help You and Your Mate—Sleep Soundly

If you’ve ever been through a sleepless night of thegrinding, shaking and annoyance of a snoring partner, you know how hard it canbe to findsnoring solutionsthatwork. 

That’s because there are so manygimmicks out there on the market which only may interrupt snoring, but don’tprovide any long-term stop snoringsolutions that really get at the heart of the matter. 

You see, snoring is not as innocent as we oncethought.  If you’re like me, growing upit was typical to think, “Oh, Dad’s snoring again” and go on without givinganother thought to stop snoringsolutions. 

But now, thanks toadvancements in sleep science, we know that snoring is indicative of a muchmore serious, underlying problem.

Infact, this problem can be so serious that it can lead directly to death andshould be taken as a precautionary sign that something is definitelywrong. 

So, please, if you or a loved onehas a snoring problem, consult your physician with the details to ensure thatit isn’t due to something much more serious like sleep apnea.

Once you’ve talked with your physician, he or she mayrecommend some of these stop snoringsolutions which you can then try. 

Here we have reviewed a few of these stop snoring solutions including snoring devices, aids, pillows,jawsupporters, sprays, mouthguards, habits, products, home and herbal remedies,exercises, and surgery that may solve this annoying problem!

What Causes Snoring?
Snoring is one of the most common sleep disorders (yes, itis technically classified as a disorder) which is prevalent amongst men andworsens with age. 

While it can beharmless in some, in others it is a sign of a more serious sleep disordercalled sleep apnea.

Snoring is caused by the turbulence of the airflow as itstruggles to get past collapsed tissue of the throat and nose duringsleep.  This airflow causes vibrationswhich result in the characteristic and unmistakable sounds of snoring.  

The tissues of the throat and nose collapsebecause of weakened muscle structures and this worsens when someone is verytired.  This is why snoring is at itsworst when a person is exhausted or in REM (the deepest) sleep.

One of the common misconceptions that we now know as falseis that only people with “thick” necks snore. This simply isn’t true because if you’ve ever owned a tiny little pet,you’ve probably heard them snore! 

Studies and surveys show that over 80 million people in North Americaalone snore during sleep. 

The NIH(National Health Institute) reports that 30% of people 40 years of age andunder snore while over half of the over-60 population “saws lumber” atnight.  These statistics are generallyheld to be comparable to world-wide numbers.

The Silent, SleeplessSufferers
But while snorers may be suffering with their health due tolack of restful sleep, poor air flow, low blood-oxygen levels and raising theirrisk for heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure, the “silent, sleeplesssufferer” is the spouse lying next to them. 

Night after night, snoring can reach the same levels of a freight train:over 90 decibels!  Lying next to thateach night can be almost unbearable for some.

And when you try to wake someone to tell them they’resnoring, the answer is always the same: I don’t snore! 

As much as thesestop snoring solutionsare for the snorer, they are dedicated andaimed towards the silent, sleepless victims of snoring: the spouse.

Stop Snoring Surgery
stop snoring surgeyThere are four kinds of surgical procedures that arenormally only used as a last resort and in extreme cases where the patient’shealth is at risk.

  • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty
  • Laser-assisted uvuloplatoplasty
  • Platal stiffening operations
  • Radio-frequency ablation

All four tackle specific parts of the throat with differentmethods meant to be permanent stopsnoring solution

Talk with yourphysician about these options, especially if you have sleep apnea and you’vetried everything else.

stop snoring surgeryPutting this rubber device into your mouth and biting downon it is a very effectivestop snoringsolutionwhich works by keeping your tongue from falling into your mouth aswell as preventing the soft-tissue from collapsing.

The main complaint that some have is despite its efficacyand simplicity, it can be a tad uncomfortable.

Stop SnoringExercises
anti snoring mouthpieceSome people swear by these exercises for the neck, chest andnasal cavity because they are non-invasive and focus on strengthening themuscles that collapse during sleep that cause snoring. 

These exercises are simple to do, but must bekept up with a consistent pace.
Perhaps the best and most effective exercise routine forthis is The Stop Snoring Exercise Program.

Natural SnoringRemedies
natural snoring remediesFor those who wish to supplement their exercises for snoringand don’t wish to use pills or devices, natural stop snoring solutions can be an effective way to kick your habitby bettering yourself. 

These naturalsnoring remedies include dieting, herbs and changing sleep positions.

Snoring Pillow
ant snoring pillowSnoring pillows are one of the easiest, non-invasive andcheapest ways to stop snoring. Theyadjust your upper body and head positioning to prevent snoring. 

Coming in different shapes and sizes toaccommodate all comers, this should probably be the first thing you try when itcomes to stopping snoring.

Snoring Earplugs
snoring earplugsChances are if you’re reading this, you’ve already triedthese so you know they aren’t for everyone as they may not block out all thenoise or be comfortable enough. 

But forsome, they work, so if your spouse is a snorer, give these cheap remedies a try(in your ears, not down their throat!)

Snoring Spray
snoring sprayBy lubricating the inner throat and tonsils, the vibrationscaused by the rapid airflow through the throat are reduced, thus reducing andat times eliminating snoring. 

These arebest for mild cases of snoring, though anything’s worth a shot on a heavysnorer.


Pills for Snoring
pills for snoringFor more information on snoring pills, you’ll have toconsult your physician, but there are some extremely effective brands out therethat are able to reduce snoring by treating the underlying causes.



Snoring Chin Strap
snoring chinstrapBy keeping a snorer’s mouth shut firmly, nose-breathing isencouraged, thus preventing snoring. 

Thechin strap for snoring works in this manner, firmly holding the head and chintogether via a strap around the whole head. Shut their trap with a strap.


Snoring Ring
snoring ringThese new wave, natural stopsnoring solutions work on the energy lines in the body to eliminatesnoring. 

Wearing the snoring ring onyour pinkie finger, two small bumps apply light pressure between the knuckleand first joint, stimulating the heart and lungs for better breathing. 

Try it before you knock it, it works and isvery cheap.
If none of these stopsnoring solutions work, you may have Obstructive

Sleep Apnea (OSA), apotentially deadly condition.  Please seeyour doctor immediately.

Other Ways to StopSnoring
If you want to hear about some of the alternative methods tostop snoring, click here right now for your freereport.

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