The epidemic of coronavirus has changed life in the United States

The epidemic of coronavirus has changed life in the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the UK and the world. Statistics can be much higher....

Because in the United States have closed businesses and schools, empty public spaces and the people kept at a cautious distance on the sidewalks and in the supermarkets, millions of Americans on Monday found themselves upside down trying to work from their homes, take care of children.

Countries around the world closed their borders and ordered to close shops and restaurants, and people throughout the United States realized the fact that they are not far behind, with a new epidemic coronavirus that has engulfed every area of their lives.

Although relatively few Americans of the total number of potentially infected have been tested more than 4,000 tested positive. Officials made clear that the coronavirus will continue to grow, and whole sectors of the economy and society will stop and will remain for several weeks or months.

The stock market fell again Monday amid growing bad news. Less than a month, the pandemic led to losses in the trillions of dollars and destroyed most of the market gains obtained as a result of the policies of President trump with low taxes and low regulation — one of his favourite boasts.

The airlines requested more than $ 50 billion in emergency state support. Economists have warned that crowded, dependent on tourism, the city of new York may be particularly vulnerable from the economic point of view.

The centers for control and disease prevention called for an end to all meetings, which were attended by over 50 people, airlines canceled flights and airplanes admissions, and States and cities across the country shut down bars, restaurants, shops, libraries, and museums.

American law in the rapidly closing, as the administration trump added UK and Ireland to the list of European countries which are denied entry into the country. These European countries are increasingly closing their doors for each other.

In the United States, the sense of isolation all the more applies to the States, because Washington was in no hurry to provide promised assistance or a coherent strategy, and President of the trump advised the governors —some of whom were shocked— that they have to buy their own respirators and masks, which today is the deficit.

On Monday, health officials ordered millions of citizens in the six counties in the Bay area to “shelter in place”, which is one of the most significant restrictions to the lives of Americans in the race to stop the outbreak of the coronavirus in the United States.

It is expected that the order which will come into effect on Tuesday, will disrupt the lives of millions of inhabitants of the counties of Alameda, contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San MATEO and Santa Clara. Berkeley also issued the same order.

And families need to worry about loss of wages, inadequate supplies of medicines and remedies that the sick and the elderly remained in even greater exclusion and vulnerability, as well as jobs, institutions, relatives and neighbors who can disappear and never come back.

Scientists say that for each confirmed case may be 5 to 10 undetected cases.

Scientists tracking the spread of the coronavirus, said on Monday that, in all probability from one infected will be detected five to ten people with COVID-19. According to the report, based on data from China, they account for almost 80 percent of new cases.

The researchers found the travel ban and policy of aggressive testing. About 6 of the 7 cases remained undetected. According to the researchers, this situation is not widely available.

If we have 3500 confirmed cases in the USA 35 000 in reality, “said Jeffrey Shaman, an epidemiologist from Columbia University and senior author of the new report, which was published in the journal Science.

Important:we recommend to watch the first symptoms of the coronavirus in humans and preventive measures to reduce the chance of infection. A graph that is on the main page of our project is a detailed online map of coronavirus with data updates every 15 minutes.

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