The epidemic of coronavirus is growing rapidly across Europe

The epidemic of coronavirus is growing at an alarming rate throughout Europe: Italy, France, Germany, Spain and other countries do not pay attention to distribution....

The number of cases of coronavirus on Friday exceeded 7300 in Europe more than doubled in just three days.

France, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and other countries recorded the biggest one-day increase in cases. More than 30 European countries currently have high level of spread: 10, at least one in 100 infected.

Member of the French Parliament gave a positive result for coronavirus. British doctors have warned that the already tense health system can be broken down with the growth of flash, and the country will be the second fatal case of coronavirus.

In Italy the strongest outbreak outside of Asia, the death toll rose Friday to more than 4,600 cases, 197 of which were fatal, nearly 800 infections and 49 deaths the day before. In Italy, only people in China dies from new coronavirus more.

Pope Francis caught a cold over a week ago, and on Thursday the official representative of the Vatican, Matteo Bruni said that the illness of the Pope “runs properly”.

He also told reporters that the Vatican “is exploring measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19”, disease caused by a novel coronavirus, which can affect the next actions associated with my Dad.

Germany, France and Spain with the next-largest outbreak in Europe reported more than 1,700 cases, compared with less than 1200 on Thursday. In Switzerland the number of confirmed cases has doubled to over 200.

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