Westfalen Terrier attacked

In light rock/Dalwigksthal (Hessen) was last Saturday, a 51-Year-old man trying his Westfalen Terrier from the attack of a bull Terrier, severely injured.

How 112.magazin.de reported, occurred the incident in theevening during a walk. The 51-Year-old and his dog, a bull Terrier, contrary to suddenly stormed to overthrow the Westphalia Terrier of a man. The dalwigk Thaler picked up his four runners over his head, and suffered in consequence severe bite wounds by the bull Terrier. He bit him in the belly, wrists and arms, and finally, in the calf. The rescue station Dalwigksthal was alarmed then.

Photo: Arndt Bünting/ Icon Image

The initial medical care and immediate hospital admission save the man’s life. He is currently in an artificial coma, but that is probably not in danger of their lives.

The bull Terrier is in the care of the local animal shelter. It is now decided, who will continue to care for the animal, and whether the holder is withdrawn, as it was not his first attack of this kind on the family and Westphalia Terrier.

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