World Coyote Calling Championships, Elko, NV (Dec 6 & 7)

7th Place

Dustin Butler of Team Predator Down and Ron Talbot of Varmint Control Officer just finished 7th place at the World Coyote Calling Championships in Elko, Nevada. This was their first time competing together as a team. Good job guys!


36th Place

Lync Jones of Team Predator Down and his dad Rulon Jones had a hard time getting away from other teams. We played leap frog on both Friday and Saturday and to top it off ended the day with a flat tire. We managed to find a few coyotes to finish in 36th place.


2013 Results

I have had a lot of people ask for the results of this years World Coyote Calling Championships. Dustin started calling me “Moneyball” (like the movie) after watching me collect the results for the contest. If only you could win the contest by crunching the numbers. I just have a facination for the numbers and like knowing how everyone did.


Places 1 – 40


Places 41 – 80


Places 81 – 110


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