XI Jinping knew of the beginning of the epidemic of coronavirus much earlier

An uncertain situation around the Chinese officials. As it turned out, XI Jinping cash on the beginning of the epidemic of coronavirus in Wuhan much before anyone....

Under threat of his initial reaction to the epidemic of the coronavirus authoritarian government of China, it seems, brings a new version of events in which President XI Jinping is taking early measures to combat the outbreak that shook the country.

But while the authorities acknowledged for the first time that Mr. C knew about this epidemic for nearly two weeks before he first publicly spoke about her, when officials at the epicenter of the outbreak Wuhan still downplayed the danger.

This new version could lead to the fact that the President, the most powerful Chinese leader in recent decades, will be directly involved in questions about too high-ranking officials have done too little or too late.

In the recently released internal speech, delivered by Mr. C on 3 February, when the epidemic has turned into a national crisis, the President of China stated that on January 7 “made demands on measures to prevent and control” of coronavirus. During a meeting of the Politburo standing Committee, the Supreme Council of the Communist party, meetings of which are usually very secretive.

In his speech, he also said that sanctioned the unprecedented lock Wuhan and other cities, starting with January 23.

“I am in every moment followed the spread of the epidemic and progress in her efforts against her, constantly issuing oral orders and instructions,” said Mr. si about his later participation.

Advisers Mr. XI may have hoped that the publication of this speech will dispel assumptions about his recent retreat from public opinion and convince his people that we can trust him to bring them out of the epidemic.

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