5 every American should stay home because of COVID-19

On the orders of governors of States, every fifth citizen will have to be quarantined until then, until stopped the spread of coronavirus....

One by one, human settlements, and now some of the largest States in the country are beginning to restrict the movement of people as they attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus, before rapidly increasing load would overwhelm the hospital.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Andrew M. Cuomo) arrived Friday to dramatically limit the activities outdoors throughout the state, including ordering nonessential businesses to keep all their employees home. His broad Executive order, which takes effect Sunday at 8 PM, was issued because the number of known infestations in the state jumped to 7800.

“These provisions will be applied,” said Cuomo at a press briefing in Albany. “This is not good advice”.

Then within an hour on Friday afternoon several other large States followed suit. Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut issued an order, similar to Mr. Cuomo, and the Governor of new Jersey Philip D. Murphy said that he plans on Saturday ordering that all non-essential businesses will be closed.

And in Illinois, Governor George.B. Pritzker announced Friday about the decision to “stay at home” all over the state, demanding that all 12 million residents left home only when necessary. All non-essential businesses must also cease work on the order, which comes into force at 17:00 on Saturday.

I didn’t come to this decision easily, “said Mr. Pritzker at a press conference in the afternoon. “I am fully aware that in some cases, choose between the lives of people and the salvation of their livelihood. But, ultimately, you are unable to obtain a livelihood, if you have no life“.

Their action was announced on Friday, when California woke up new rules covering minor retail stores in the state, and severely limiting the movement in the open air, after Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the Californians — all 40 million — as much as possible to stay in their homes. Initially, there was confusion about how the order will be applied and interpreted, but Californians said that they still can walk and leave their surroundings to go Hiking or walking on the beach, until they can practice social distancing.

The mayor Latonya Cantrell from New Orleans also issued a decree on the stay-at-home Friday, asking 390 000 residents to go outside only for “critical needs.”

When the bars were closed, and Bourbon street is devastated, the order in New Orleans stayed a step forward, bringing the city into compliance with the States in which the movement is limited.

We say the same thing: the more people stay home, the more lives we save, “said Ms. Cantrell on Friday afternoon.

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