Coronavirus: new infections was throughout Europe

New cases of infection with coronavirus was throughout Europe: Iran, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia....

Italy, the epicenter of the coronavirus in Europe, continued to create problems for the rest of the continent on Friday, when Northern Ireland and Wales experienced their first cases on Friday, and both were associated with a trip to Italy. A total of 24 cases in 14 countries can be traced back to Italy, according to the world Organization of Zdravoohranenia on Friday.

Nation, which had only a few infections in the beginning of the week, continued to witness a new infection. The number of cases in Germany has almost doubled to Friday during the day to 53.

On Friday, France reported 57 cases of infection, which is more than three times the number that it counted on Wednesday.

A new stage of the epidemic reached and now we come to the second stage, “said Olivier Veran, the Minister of health.

French health authorities have focused on the group of 14 cases in the region of Oise in Northern France. Of particular concern are three infections at a military base in Creil, the origin of whichis unclear.

Christian Estrosi, mayor of nice said Friday that the woman, returning from Milan, was the first confirmed case in the French city, which earlier cut its annual carnival due to virus fears.

According to the Minister of education of France, Jean-Michel Blanker, about 2000 students who recently returned from travel to high-risk areas, such as Italy or China, were asked to isolate themselves within 14 days.

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