Adidas Men’s Energy Boost 2 Running Shoe Review

In racing, every second matters a lot. The Adidas men’s Energy Boost 2 running shoe comes with Adidas men's Energy Boost 2 running shoea groundbreaking design together with a collection of excellent features that will enhance your running and training ability. It is also available in many different colors, so find one that meets your taste should not be difficult.

This running shoe is an upgrade of the original Adidas Energy Boost shoe, hence the feature improvements such as boostTM technology, one that is responsible for greater energy return. Plus, the Energy Boost 2 offers more comfort than conventional running shoes, and comes with a durable yet flexible upper and midsole.

A closer look at the Adidas Men’s Energy Boost 2 running shoe

The running shoe features the new Adidas revolutionary foam midsole, that contains thousands of small energy capsules responsible for storing and unleashing energy whenever your feet hits the ground. This technology is known as the boost technology, and comes in handy to ensure every step is charged with endless supply of fast energy.

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The outsole features an Adiwear design that offers the ultimate long distance durability. The Torsion system, a thermoplastic unit in the midsole, allows the rear foot and the forefoot to move independently for increased stability. This shoe also features Zonemotion technology in the outsole for increased flexibility.

Adidas men's Energy Boost 2 Type of running the shoe is designed for

The Energy Boost 2 Running Shoe features a breakthrough design with a comfy insole, upper and midsole. All these integrated features make the shoe suitable for speed runs, long runs, mid-foot strikers, heel strikers, heavier runners, wide feet and also running on a variety of terrain. The added cushioning also make this shoe ideal for training in winter months when the ground is much harder.

Comfort of the shoe

The artistic design in this running shoe makes it extra comfy. Initially though, the shoe is a bit stiff, especially during the first few runs. The good side is that it stretches fast and remains flexible throughout its life. It’s heavily cushioned and has great responsiveness.


The heel features a Formotion heel system that easily adapts to the runners running style, providing a smoother heal-to-toe transition. On the end of the heel is a collar that contains memory foam that enhances more forefoot flexibility.

Weight of the shoe

In running shoes, the weight of a shoe is very important. The heavier the shoe, the harder it will be for the runner to run faster, as the weight will require more energy to lift. The Adidas Men’s Energy Boost 2 running shoe has been designed with this in mind, and features a surprisingly low weight of 10.0oz (size 9). This makes the shoe suitable for longer runs as it will not provide much resistance when you run.

Benefits of the Energy Boost 2Adidas-Energy-Boost-2-5

  • Smooth transition from heel to toe
  • Comfy fit with four-way stretch mesh
  • Supper lightweight 10oz only
  • Techfit upper that is engineered for flexible support and a seamless sock-like fit
  • Flexible textile upper
  • Adiwear rubber that is extremely durable to prevent early wear and tear
  • Seamless construction
  • Techfit technology
  • Boost technology
  • Suitable for running in different environments/different races

Adidas-Energy-Boost-2-4Last thoughts on the Adidas men’s Energy Boost 2 running shoe

Adidas has continuously produced running shoes that are soft, flexible, durable and comfortable. The Adidas Boost series is well known for its outstanding cell structure midsole, with different technologies offering you one of the most responsive and cushioned rides ever. The Adidas Men’s Energy Boost 2 Running Shoe comes in different sizes and colors to choose from.





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