New Balance M1260v4 NBX Running Shoe Review

The New Balance M1260v4 NBX is another innovative running shoe from the impressive NB range. This shoe provides ample cushioning, with smoother and more reliable support for your feet when compared to the previous series; it has indeed raised the bar further still when it comes to running shoes.

The stability and cushioning has been improved in order to provide the wearer with a comfortable feel during training. Whether you like to run on the road, or at your gym on a treadmill or on an off-road track, the M1260v4 NBX will make the experience that much more comfortable for you.

A closer look at the New Balance M1260v4 NBX

Design features

The features of the New Balance M1260v4 NBX are very impressive and contribute to the runner’s ability hit mile after mile without feeling any discomfort. They contain extraordinary shock absorption which is very effective when it comes to lessening the impact that comes with every stride.

The M1260v4 NBX also contains a T-beam which is simply a lightweight and bendable TPU shank created to offer optimum stability and adequate arch support via a special center beam design. It also contains a modern technology known as ‘Post Applied’ which is responsible for molding the medial post from the remaining part of the midsole and therefore resulting to better support and adequate stability.

Comfort and stability

This shoe offers maximum comfort and stability to the wearer. It was designed to prevent the foot and ankle from turning over when running and allows the foot to effectively stabilize the body. With its lighter-mesh upper and the slanting toe box shape, the shoe offers more comfort and enables the runner to stay on their feet for miles and miles since the feet are comfortable.

Colors available

As much as it has been designed to offer comfort and stability to the wearer, it is also an attractive shoe to look at, and not at the sacrifice of practicality as common with most training shoes. It is definitely not one of those clunky and bulky stability shoes with a dull color.

The New Balance M1260v4 NBX has a bright orange color that blends well with the grey to bring some style in training. It will definitely blend perfectly with an equally attractive sports outfit to achieve that outstanding sports look.


With an 8mm heel-toe drop, the shoe is lightweight, something that allows one to feel comfortable when running especially at a high speed. There is no that feeling of bulkiness or heaviness around the feet, a fact that makes this shoe convenient for long hours of training.

The M1260v4 NBX shoe is designed for training and is suitable specifically for long hours of intense training on the road, track or gym. The shoe is very durable and they will last a long time, even through very heavy usage. It is an appropriate shoe for any athlete who trains on a regular basis.

USA assembled

These shoes are made and assembled in the U.S. factories. This guarantees quality and durability something that most shoe buyers look out for during purchase.

Last thoughts on the New Balance M1260v4 NBX

These are great shoes to train with and offer more than just good looks. They are comfortable to wear, even for longer training sessions. They are designed to provide added support and cushioning for enhanced stability. The New Balance M1260v4 NBX running shoe is another excellent addition to the NB range.

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