Nike Dart 9 Running Shoes Review

Designed for entry-level runners, the Nike Dart 9 running shoes are specifically made for neutral runners without any additional pronation. The product is made using premium quality, pure rubber sole which cushions the feet on long running sessions. The sole material ensures that runners can continue exercising, jogging, sprinting or running distances without experiencing even the slightest fatigue in their feet.

For providing excellent durability and traction, the shoes are made using special, patented material by Nike. The Nike Dart 9 running shoe is designed to provide long lasting comfort and an added advantage of the product is that it is capable of withstanding rugged usage in uneven terrains. Made with wide synthetics, the shoes provide increased ventilation with ample headroom allowing the runner’s feet to breathe easy.

Runners can expect best stability when using the Nike Dart 9 with its plush sock liner and beveled heel design. The product features single mesh rubber design which provides great flexibility and the thin sole layer provides natural feet like feel when walking or running while wearing it. The product features an ergonomic design made to fit different feet types comfortably and favor usage for extended periods of time with uncompromised comfort.

Shoe design

The Nike Dart 9 is a running shoe made for workout sessions and running practices. It is a great accessory for runners who usually hit up to 20 miles per week on different terrain conditions. The shoes can be worn on sandy, icy or rocky surfaces without any discomfort supported by its extra cushion interiors.

The strong exteriors are heavy duty and can withstand changing climatic conditions. It can also be used as a daily wear. The product is made to provide long lasting durability with premium quality rubber soles.

Design features

Developed with a mesh design and fully rubber outer sole, the Nike Dart 9 has patented PhylonTM technology integrated in it. The midsole feature allows runners to experience smooth, cushioned ride with its natural motion engineering. The outsole pattern uses the patented Waffle system which offers exceptional durability and great traction.

Increased comfort and stability

Users will experience utmost comfort and stability when using the Nike Dart 9 running shoes. The product features breathable leather on the upper area while a midfoot overlay ensures it offers comfort fit for the foot. The padded heel is designed to cushion the runner’s ankle and heel when running hard, causing minimal strain.


The lightweight design of the Nike Dart 9 makes it a great accessory for light and sprint runners. It weighs at 3 pounds which falls within the standardized weight range for running shoes. The cushions integrated are made of lightweight material to offer comfort but without adding extra weight to the shoes.

Additional information

For enhanced comfort, the Nike Dart 9 is lined with padded collar and footbed cushion. A phylon midsole material adds comfort to the runner’s feet without imposing weight. For more natural strides, the heel has flex grooves which seamlessly sync with the shape and movement of the feet.

The shoes are available for both genders and come in different colors including grey, white, red, fluorescent green, blue and dark grey.

Last thoughts on the Nike Dart 9

Sturdy and robust, the Dart 9 shoes from Nike are going to take care of your feet while you walk or run in them. The cushioned heel area and the mesh uppers will give your feet the support and ventilation they need as you pound the roads or the track on your running sessions.

The Nike Dart 9 shoes are very affordable and are an ideal shoe for running or doing your fitness training in, or just for casual wear too. The quality that Nike has put into these shoes will ensure that you get a lot of use out of them and keep your feet comfortable each time you wear them.

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