Amy Adam Net Worth

Amy Adam Net Worth

Amy Adams full name is Amy Lou Adams, she was born on 20th August 1974. She is an American actress, she is known for her performance..Amy Adam Net Worth.....

(Amy Adam Net Worth)

Amy Adams full name is Amy Lou Adams, she was born on 20thAugust 1974. She is an American actress, she is known for her performance in the dramatic field and in the comedian field. Adam is known as the highest paid actress worldwide, she won 2 Golden Globe Awards and five Academy Awards and six British Academy Film Awards. Adam has 6 siblings and she is on no 4 of 7 siblings, she was born on Vicenza, and raised in Castle Rock, Colorado. She was to be a ballerina but the film suits her the best in age 18. She worked in the dinner theater in 1994 to 1998, she worked as a supporting actress in the movie Dead Drop Gorgeous in the year 1999. And after it she moved to Los Angeles, she appeared as Steven Spielberg’s as the main role in the move “Catch Me If You Can”. Afterwards she was unemployed for a year and after it she acts as a pregnant woman in the movie “Junebug” in the year 2005. And in 2007 she acted as a Disney princess in the film “Enchanted”, which was her first success as the leading actress. She was the optimistic in all the series of the movies, which includes drama “Doubt” (2008). And she acted stronger female parts in the movie “The Fighter” in year 2010, and she also acted in the psychological drama “The Master” in 2012. She won two Golden Globe Award for playing a seductive co artist in the move “American Hustle” in the year 2013, she also acted as the trouble painter in the movie “Big Eyes” (2014). She received acclaim for the acting in the science fiction movie “Arrival” in year 2016.(Amy Adam Net Worth)


Net Worth of Amy Adams:

Total Net Worth of Amy Adam is $60 million.

Important things to know about Amy Adam:(Amy Adam Net Worth)

Full NameAmy Lou Adam
Born20thAugust 1974, (age: 43y), Vicenza, Italy
SpouseDarren Le Gallo (M: 2015)
Favorite FoodNachos
Zodiac signLeo
Favorite animalDog

Net Worth of Amy Adam from 2012 to 2018:

2012$54 million
2013$54 million
2014$55 million
2015$58 million
2016$60 million
2017$60 million

Amy Adam Net Worth

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