Leonardo DiCaprio Net worth

Leonardo DiCaprio Net worth

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on 11th of November 1974 in Los angles, California. Leonardo DiCaprio starred in television before working in movies........

Leonardo Dicaprio net worth(Leonardo DiCaprio net worth)

Leonardo Dicaprio was born on 11thof November 1974 in Los angles, California. Leonardo DiCaprio starred in television before working in movies his television shows got great fame because of his Excellent acting in them in 1993 he got a role in “What’s eating Gilbert grape” his role become famous that he was nominated in Oscar awards for his role. In 1997 Leonardo DiCaprio starred in Movie “Titanic” which was one of the most biggest hit in the history and every person’s favorite this movie gave Leonardo DiCaprio everything fame, success and great respect in Hollywood. Leonardo DiCaprio other hit movies were “The aviator” released in 2004, “The departed” released in 2006, “inception” released in 2010, “Django Unchained” released in 2012, “the wolf of wall street” released in 2013 and “The revenant” which was released in 2015 which became the reason that Leonardo DiCaprio won Oscar these all movies were one of the biggest hit and because of his excellent acting there are millions of fans of Leonardo DiCaprio throughout the world but “Titanic” was one of the biggest hit in Hollywood which won almost 11 awards which became a turn over for Leonardo DiCaprio career. Leonardo DiCaprio also starred in different local and international television shows which also become hit because the reason behind his success is his excellent and unique acting and other reason is because of his millions of fans throughout the world who always waits for his new movies to be released this is the biggest reason that his every movie got hit and was shown on trending before release because of his millions of fans. Leonardo DiCaprio childhood was not happily spent because when he was a 9 years old his parents broke up with each other Leonardo after this use to live with his mother but his father was also supportive because of which he finds his inner talent which leads him towards sky.(Leonardo DiCaprio net worth)

Leonardo DiCaprio

Imp key points(Leonardo DiCaprio net worth)

Full nameLeonardo DiCaprio
Height1.83 m
weight75 kg
Favorite colorDark Green


Total net worth

Leonardo DiCaprio total net worth is about $245 million


Net worth from 2012 to 2018(Leonardo DiCaprio net worth)

2012$100 million
2013$120 million
2014$160 million
2015$185 million
2016$200 million
2017$220 million
2018$245 million

Leonardo DiCaprio Net worth

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