Airlines bring losses $ 113$ bn – coronavirus

Stocks, oil and the yield of government bonds resumed pique - all signs of concern as an outbreak of coronavirus affects the world economy....

Stocks fell, oil fell and government bond yields resumed the Thursday peak — all signs that investors are still concerned about the outbreak of coronavirus affects the world economy.

S & P 500 fell by about 3.4 percent, while stocks in the UK and Germany also fell sharply. US stocks recovered earlier this week after last week was beaten by the new fears of COVID-19.

The fall on wall street on Thursday was caused by the energy, financial and industrial stocks — all they are exposed to fears about the economy. Each of these sectors fell by about 3 percent.

At the beginning of the day, Asian markets showed a different situation. They closed higher, keeping up with investors in the United States that raised their stock prices the day before after the primary results, Democratic party this week.

International air transport Association said that as carriers around the world stop flying and riots in the tourism sector due to spreading of the outbreaks, the global annual revenues of the airlines can be reduced by 63-113 billion. USA.

Financial impact on the aviation industry is “almost unprecedented,” said Alexander de Juniac, President of the Association.

Important:we recommend to watch the first symptoms of the coronavirus in humans and preventive measures to reduce the chance of infection. A graph that is on the main page of our project is a detailed online map of coronavirus with data updates every 15 minutes.

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