The vaccine, incubation and treatment – talk about the new coronavirus

More 14.600 cases of the new coronavirus was confirmed in a total of 25 countries. The number of confirmed cases of death due to viral pneumonia...

More 14.600 cases of the new coronavirus was confirmed in a total of 25 countries.

The number of confirmed cases of death due to viral pneumonia epidemic in China has increased to 2948, while the Philippines announced the first death outside of China.

He first appeared in metropolis of Wuhan, with a population of eleven million people and, according to experts-epidemiologists, 2019-ncov is likely to affect millions of people.

The world health organization declared a global warning to public health, taking the view that there is no reason to restrict travel and trade with China.

However, many airlines either cancel or change their routes to and from China, while several governments around the world sent planes to free its citizens from areas where there are foci of infection.

What is the incubation period of the coronavirus?

According to the world health organization, the incubation period, i.e. the period before the onset of symptoms, is from 2 to 10 days.

It is expected that these estimates will limit more data available.

Knowledge and understanding of the incubation period is very important because it allows physicians and health authorities to adopt more effective methods to combat the spread of the virus. For example, can be introduced more effective system of quarantine for suspected cases.

If infected with the coronavirus to recover fully?

Yes. Many of those who are infected with a coronavirus, will experience only mild symptoms, such as fever, cough and breathing problems .

It is expected that most of them fully restored.

An expert from the National Commission of health of China said that for a complete cure from mild symptoms of coronavirus might be a week.

Possible infection through contact with objects?

Some diseases, including SARS can be spread through infected surfaces, for example, from coughing or sneezing.

With regard to new infections, it has not been proven. It is transmitted from the air in the form of droplets from coughs and sneezes, personal contact (e.g., touching), touching contaminated surfaces (e.g. door handle) that are then in contact with the mouth or nose before the man washes his hands.

The viruses of the common cold usually survive less than 24 hours outside the human body, although the virus (most common cause of viral gastroenteritis) can survive for several months outside the body.

Is there a risk of a new virus in China?

Yes, as it is a large population of people living near animals. The new coronavirus almost certainly came from an animal. SARS was detected in feline mammals in the Chinese province of Guangdong, and the meat of that animal is used by the Chinese as a snack.

Experts from the Chinese center for control and prevention (CDC) has successfully identified 2019-ncov in samples taken from the fish market of Wuhan city indicates that the virus came from wild animals sold there.

Is there a vaccine to prevent new coronavirus?

Currently there is no vaccine that protects against the new coronavirus, but the international research community working in this direction.

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