UMAT 2016 Admission Diploma and Certificate Programmes

 UMAT 2016 Admission Diploma and Certificate Programmes...

UMAT 2016 Admission Diploma and Certificate Programmes



This is a two year (4-semester)programmerun by the Department of Geological Engineering. The programme aims at addressing the needs of middle level personnel in drilling for mineral/oil exploration, geotechnical and hydrogeological establishments. The successful candidate should be competent to take up jobs in the mining, oil, hydrogeological and allied industries and be able to design, operate, work in a team and supervise drilling operations under all conditions as well as have knowledge in using modern drilling equipment.
Admission Requirements:

Applicants must satisfy any of the following:

  • WASSCE/SSSCE Certificate with pass in Integrated Science, CoreMathematics, English Language and credits in the following elective subjects: Physics, Mathematics plus Chemistry or Technical Drawing or Metal Work or Applied Electricity or Electronics.
  • General Certificate ofEducation(GCE) Ordinary Level with credits in five (5) subjects including English language, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics; and General Certificate ofEducation(GCE) Advanced Level passes in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
  • Mature Applicantsshould be at least 25 years of age and should have any of the following;
    • GCE Ordinary Level Certificate with credits or SSSCE/WASSCE with pass in five subjects including English Language, Mathematics and a science subject plus experience in the relevant area of study.
    • Mature applicants must pass a written examination and /or an interview. Mature applicants must also possess birth certificates which are, at least, five (5) years old after the date of issue.
    • Foreign Applicants with equivalent certificates and grades are eligible.



The Certificate Programme in English is a two semester programme aimed at providing knowledge in English for Foreign applicants with the English Language skills necessary to follow a university level course with English as the medium of instruction. The entry requirement is the French baccalaureate (in science) at the highest level or equivalent available in the applicant’s country.Applicants who pass the UMaT Certificate Programme in English will be eligible to apply for admission into the UMaT Diploma and Degree programmes.

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