i.    SSSCE APPLICANTS: Passes (A-D) in six (6)  subjects comprising three (3) core subjects (English,Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies) plus three (3) elective subjects. The aggregate of the six (6)  subjects should not exceed twenty-four (24)..

ii.   WASSCE Applicants: Passes (A1-D7) in three (3) core subjects  (English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies), plus three (3) elective subjects.

 iii.   GBCE HOLDERS(Newprogramme):Credit passes (A-D) in six (6) subjects comprising three core subjects (English, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social studies) plus three (3) elective subjects.

Applicants with a combination of different  grading systems will be treated on a case  by  case basis.

iv.   GCE HOLDERS: At leasttwo (2)passes in GCE “A” Level   plus at least five (5) credit passes in GCE “O” Level including Mathematics and English Language.

v.   RSA Stage III/ABCE Holders:   RSA Stage III/ABCE holders must  have passes in at leasttwo (2)subjects (at least, one of the passes should be  grade D or better). In addition, the applicants must have had credit passes      infour (4)subjects  including English Language and Mathematics in the RSA  II/GBCE (old programme)

vi.   DBS Certificate Holders:   DBS Applicants must hold at leastfour (4)DBS passes Accountingoption. In addition, the applicant must have four (4) WASSCE/ SSSCE  Passes (A1-D7) including Mathematics and English Language.


Applicants must be at least twenty five (25) years old and have three (3) years professional practice in relevant study area. Applicants in this category are expected to pass an Entrance Examination  and/ a selection Interview. In addition, applicants should have one of the following:

i.    At leastfive (5)passes in SSSCE/WASSCE including English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science /Social Studies.

ii.    At leastfive (5)GCE “O” Level credit passes including English Language, Mathematics and Science.

iii.   Teacher’s Certificate ‘A’ (4-year or 3 – year post Secondary) Plus a minimum of three years teaching experience.

iv.    At leastthree (3)passes in DBS Accounting Option plus credit passes in  English Language and Mathematics.

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