uniBank (Ghana) Limited is a caring bank. The Bank appreciates the contribution and support that it receives from the community that it operates in....


uniBank (Ghana) Limited was incorporated as a private company in December 1997 to operate as a bank. It is a wholly owned Ghanaian and authorized to undertake a broad range of bankingbusiness. The Bank opened its door to customers in January 2001

Our Vision

To be the leading and preferred Bank offering comprehensive financial solutions to our chosen customers (SME and Personal Banking markets) in a professional, caring, responsive and profitable way.

Our Mission

  • – Provide the best value for our customers;
  • – Create an excellent working environment for our employee development and growth;
  • – Enhance shareholder value; and
  • – Be socially responsive to our communities

Shared Values Of unibank

– Minimal bureaucracy
– Adaptive to changing needs
– Customer delight
– Personalized service
– Energetic
– Ingenious
– Will to win
– One-ness of purpose
– Strength

Our core values are worthy of our organization and we believe we should incorporate them as anchor points in everything we do in the Bank. These values provide us with a means of not only guiding but also evaluating our operations, our planning and our vision for the future.

Social Responsibilities

uniBank (Ghana) Limited is a caring bank. The Bank appreciates the contribution and support that it receives from the community that it operates in. And in return, it ensures that it gives back to society, some of its gains as a socially responsibility corporate entity. As a good corporate citizen, uniBank (Ghana) Limited, has never shirk its responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the development of society and therefore have undertaken many timely social intervention activities to assist the needy, vulnerable and the deprived in Ghana thus contributing our quota to the sustenance of the environment and the community at large.

Key Corporate Social Responsibility Objectives

  • – To ensure that uniBank is seen as a socially responsible organization;
  • – To support communities in which uniBank operates in with the needed help in cash or in kind.
  • – Our ultimate desire is to use any corporate social responsibility activity as an opportunity to grow and perpetuate the uniBank brand.

We believe that the continued trust and patronage of the people within the community in which uniBank operates has contributed to our sustained growth and profitability. uniBank views the community in which it operates as asset that is worth investing in and nurturing since it in turn brings the bankbusiness. uniBank’s contribution in this area, thus, makes goodbusiness. We believe in upholding community development projects that would allow uniBank to play a meaningful role in the communities in which it operates. uniBank holds the belief that it depends on the community to conduct its business. In this regard, our areas of focus shall be towards the promotion of;

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