Ipad mini being produced, will compete with the Nexus 7

Ipad mini being produced, will compete with the Nexus 7

A picture of a mock-up iPad Mini reappears in cyberspace. In the latest mock-up picture, the iPad Mini paired with a 7-inch tablet with others, Kindle Fire HD...

A picture of amock-upiPadMinireappearsin cyberspace.In thelatestmock-uppicture, theiPadMinipaired witha 7-inchtabletwithothers,KindleFireHDandGoogleNexus7.From themock-upknown how muchthe actualsizeof theiPadMini.As quotedfromAppleInsider,the dummyof theiPadMinihas a thickness of7.69mm, thinnerthanthe third-generationiPadwith size9.91mmthick.

Ipad mini being produced, will compete with the Nexus 7

In addition, thedummyiPadMinihas a size of5.3 incheswideand7.87inchestall.In comparison,NewiPadhas a9.5 inchheightand7.31incheswide.From the picturecomparison,the iPadMinilook thinner,when compared toKindleFireHDandGoogleNexus7.In addition, these devices alsoappear higher thanboththe tabletdevice.

According to AppleInsider,the iPadMiniwill likelycome witha screen size of7.85inches.The screenwill supporta resolution of1024x 768,same asiPad2.Bythesameresolution,the developerhas no need tomake modificationsto the applications.

Fromearlier reports,Apple isrumored to be introducingthe iPadMinionOctober 17.Meanwhile,the marketrelease dateis scheduled forNovember 2.IPadTabletwithmini sizeis reportedlybeing manufactured byFoxconnandPegatronsince mid-September 2012.On price,the earlyrumorssaytheiPadMiniwill be pricedatU.S. $300 or more depends on the storage.

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