Backpacking In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has many interesting backpacking attractions. There's a regular inflow of backpackers who visit the region. We review some of the top places to...

Southeast Asia has many interesting backpacking attractions. There’s a regular inflow of backpackers who visit the region because of the beautiful tropical weather and vegetation, relics of ancient civilization and the beautiful beaches. If you are planning a backpacking trip to Asia, here are some of the best places to visit.

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Cat Ba Island, located off the northern coast of Vietnam is a part of a distinct group of jagged limestone islands. In addition to the scenic beaches and warm ocean waters, the mangrove forests, craggy peaks and caverns like the Song Sot, make this island a top backpacker attraction. At Cat Ba island, you can find uncommon species of plants such as the Cat Ba langur. The breathtaking beauty of this island is also enhanced by the Halong Bay which is an excellent place for rock climbing, kayaking, hiking and water sports.


Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra has amazing sights including Lake Meningau and Lake Toba which have clear fresh water right in the center of a volcanic crater. Although Sumatra is an huge region in Indonesia, many parts of it are largely untouched by tourists. So it is a paradise for any backpacker who wants to sneak off and have a secluded retreat. In Sumatra, you will be able to stay in an entire guest house, all alone, depending on the side of Lake Toba, that you lodge in. Any backpacker who wants to avoid huge crowds of tourists should consider this quiet destination.

Yangshuo, China

Since the first set of western backpackers visited Yangshuo in the 1980s, this quite place has received a steady in-flow of discerning backpackers. Yangshuo is a serene and beautiful region located in between the banks of two rivers, Yulong and Li. It is a contrast to the massively industrialized country side. In between these great rivers, there is a unique landscape with green hills, sharp-sided caves and amazing sites like the Yangshuo Moon Hill. The Moon Hill is a pinnacle formed by limestone deposits with a moon-shaped hole that you can reach by climbing more than 800 marble stairs.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is the main hub of Thailand’s rural northern region. It has far less tourists than Phuket and Bangkok in the south of Thailand. Chiang Mai was founded in 1296 and it was the spiritual capital of the old Lanna Kingdom. It’s ancient heritage provides tourists with a chance to see sites like the Wat Chedi Luang, whose ancient ruins are located in the city center. You can also visit the Bhubing Palace which has picturesque gardens. Due to the slow but steady increase in its expatriate population, you can now find a variety of bars, restaurants, as well as vibrant nightlife in Chiang Mai.

Gill Islands, Indonesia

The Gill Islands comprises a small group of islands located to the north of Lumbok, Indonesia. Backpackers who want to visit the Pacific Isles without spending a lot of money should visit the Gill Islands. The island is still relatively undeveloped with people still using horses and carts as one of the main vehicles of movement. Gill Islands have a reputation for hatching sea turtles and the eggs are frequently bought from the locals to stop them from selling them in their local market. In addition to the uncrowded dive site at Shark Point, you can have a great time at the Japanese restaurant or the Irish bar.


That is a short list of top backpacking destinations in Asia. You can use the information provided here to start preparing for your next backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. You should be able to enjoy the beauty, warmth, serenity, and hospitality of these remote regions on a minimal budget.

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