Riots of coronavirus on wall street continues

Unrest due to pandemic coronavirus on wall street continues. Stock has played a bit plus, however, quick recovery is possible....

The S & P 500 closed slightly higher after a busy day on wall street. Oil prices, which on Wednesday fell more than 20% recovered.

S & P 500 climbed to a positive territory after earlier fell more than 3 percent, but struggled trying to keep that profit. Shares in Europe also rebounded after declining for most of the day. Oil prices, which fell more than 20 percent Wednesday, rebounded Thursday.

Unequal trades followed by a sharp downturn in the financial markets on Wednesday and began to occur amid ongoing stable distribution of bad news about the spread of the coronavirus. Speaking at a briefing at the White house, Mr. trump, recognized that the economy will plummet before it comes back. He also appreciated efforts to facilitate approval of potential treatments Covid-19, disease caused by a novel coronavirus.

“I believe in the curve V,” said Mr. trump, talking about how some economists describe the sharp decline and recovery of economic growth. “When this is conquered, is a hidden evil is defeated, I think we will find the strength to rise.”

According to Thursday’s government data, the United States, the number of employees who first applied for unemployment insurance has increased. These figures do not reflect the sharp cuts made in the last few days, as companies quickly cut the volume of transactions, because efforts to contain the coronavirus hold of consumers at home and are forced to close factories.

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