Who created the coronavirus? Popular theories of the emergence of threats

Кто создал коронавирус?

In this article we will look at who created the coronavirus and the ever-popular theory of the emergence of deadly threat: the Chinese, USA and other....

An outbreak of coronavirus in China was an unexpected challenge that the world community was not ready. People are worried about not only the impact of the epidemic and means of vaccination, but also the causes of threats. In the media and on the Internet actively discussing several possible theories to explain who created the coronavirus and why. Consider the most interesting version — from conspiracy theories to the pharmaceutical mafia.

Кто создал коронавирус?

The contents
  1. Coronavirus artificially created?
  2. Who created the coronavirus? Theory
  3. The Chinese have created a coronavirus
  4. Coronavirus created in USA

Coronavirus artificially created?

All wonder coronavirus artificially created in a biological lab or on the contrary has a natural origin? Terrifying footage from China, where people affected by the virus fall on the streets and in public places, shocked the audience. The scale of the tragedy has led many to think that the mysterious death of people can be beneficial to someone. The theory about the artificial creation of the virus as a biological weapon has many adherents. Conspiracy theorists consider the coronavirus as a military development, created for mass destruction.

Коронавирус искусственно создан? Кто его создал?

Despite many conspiracy theories, epidemiologists categorically deny the possibility of artificial origin of the virus. This has already been stated Chinese physicians and representatives of the world health organization (who). In particular, the head of the Department of epidemiology and biostatistics, University of Hong Kong Ben Cowling spoke sharply about the people, spreading false information about the origin of the pathogen. The Professor says that there is no objective evidence of the artificial nature of the virus.

It should be noted that the largest social network in the world Facebook announced that it would delete all unconfirmed reports and fakes about the coronavirus. The company’s management believes that conspiracy theories can hurt people who believed in them. Facebook, this policy only strengthened the position of conspiracy theorists who believe that the true causes of the epidemic are hidden from the public.

Китайцы создали коронавирус

Who created the coronavirus? Theory

Still among scientists there is no consensus regarding the origin of the coronavirus. Among the most common theories include the following:

  1. Theory No. 1 – the Chinese biological weapons.According to this theory, the coronavirus is a secret development by Chinese scientists created in the framework of the state program of deadly biological weapons. This opinion was published in one of the most respected American publications The Washington Times. The authors referred to the analyst in the field of biological weapons Danny Shoham. According to experts, a virus escaped from the laboratory was not planned by the developers and resulted from the mistakes of the scientists.
  2. Theory No. 2 – syllogism pharmaceutical mafia.There is a large group of experts, accused in the creation of coronavirus pharmaceutical company. According to this version the panic that quickly spread around the world, the best drug manufacturers. On this background of sharply increased sales of drugs for the prevention of infectious diseases, antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs. In support of his theory, these people are also a noticeable growth in the shares of pharmaceutical giants. Some believe that a cure and a vaccine for the coronavirus has been developed. However, the market launch is scheduled for a time when the who recognizes the coronavirus main threat of the XXI century. Thus, the developer saving funds will be the global leader in the pharmaceutical business.
  3. Theory No. 3 – the Secret development of British scientists.Supporters of conspiracy theories found that live coronavirus was created and patented by the Institute of Parrita in 2015. Known even a patent number No. 10.130.701. Institute of Parrita is a leading research center in the world dedicated to the study of viral diseases and infections transmitted from animals to people. A weakened strain of coronavirus infection, supposedly created to combat the disease in poultry. The members of the Institute strongly deny any involvement in the spread of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, insisting that all development has been discontinued and is not sponsored in 2015.
  4. Theory No. 4: theExotic food preferences.This theory of the origin of the pathogen is supported by many epidemiologists. According to them, at the fish market in the Chinese city of Wuhan have sold a large quantity of meat of exotic animals – bats, snakes, insects. These products are intended for human consumption. According to experts non-profit charitable organization Karmagawa, the first infection was due to eating meat of an infected wild animal.

So far, the who officially calls the cause of the outbreak, and those who created the coronavirus, so new theories continue to appear in the media every day.

Коронавирус создали в США

The Chinese have created a coronavirus

Version of what the Chinese have created a deadly coronavirus, confirmed by a series of mysterious coincidences. It is known that the first epidemic outbreak occurred in the Chinese city of Wuhan. By coincidence, in this city there is the Institute of Virology under which control operates the most modern in China Virology laboratory. Remarkably, it has the 4th Biosafety level according to the international classification (BSL-4). This means that in the laboratory may officially be working with the deadly viral pathogens.

Such a weird coincidence could not go unnoticed. Among the proponents of this theory has been considerable debate about whether the leak of coronavirus accidental or planned action by the government of China. Some believe that the ruling party is trying to influence the demographic situation, as among the victims were many elderly people over working age.

Где создавали коронавирус китайский

Coronavirus created in USA

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