How to Apply for Fortiva Master Card

Visit to apply for Fortiva Master Card online through Fortiva Login account to check account info....

If you have a mail from fortiva financial then congratulations. You are eligible to apply for fortiva master card. Fortiva is a retail credit program offered by America bank and trust company. It offers easy approvals and many features for its customers. Now fortiva is offering master cards to its credit card customers who are pre-approved. If you receive a credit card mail then you are eligible to apply by visiting

The process to apply is simple and takes minutes to approve. You can apply via different methods but the easiest and fasted method is to apply online. Among many perks fortiva master card offers an initial credit limit up to $700. There are plenty more features which are mentioned below.

How to Apply Fortiva Master Card

If you have received the invitation to apply for fortiva master card then click on the link below to start your application process online

You need to enter the acceptance code to begin. Acceptance code is mentioned in the mail you received. It helps in identifying you and your related information. It also fills in some of the personal information like name. Now you need to fill in the rest of the information such as pay, employer name, social security number, rent etc. once you are finished submit your application and you will receive your approval within minutes. Later your card will be mailed to you.

You can also apply via mail. This is a lengthy procedure as it can take up to 7 business days. Just fill in the application that came in your mail and mail it back to fortiva financial. The waiting procedure is not for approval of application but the time for the mail to reach its destination.

Features Fortiva Master Card     

The fortiva credit card’s best feature is that it is a good starter card for people with poor or fair credit. At the beginning you receive an initial credit limit of $700. With the usage of fortiva credit card your limit can be doubled that is $1400 in just 9 months. But be sure to make the monthly payments on time. Your credit improves if you make the least amount of payment every month on time and when you use your card regularly.

Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your card before applying because the annual APR is not mentioned on the mail. So, what are you waiting for simply visit

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