How to Online Bill Pay through Methodist Online Billing

How to Online Bill Pay through Methodist Online Billing

All the customers of Methodist Online can visit for Online Billing, when get Automatic mail for your Balance....

Did you receive a billing statement from Houston Methodist? No need to panic. These are some relevant charges that are not covered by insurances. You can make this payment from home without any delay or worries. If you want Online Billing Then Simply visit

Methodist offers online payment option for its patients. You can make its payment from home in a matter of minutes. It is your choice to make a payment online or by mail but it is better to pay it online. It is fast, secure and it is available 24/7. You need to create and online account first. It is simple and quick.

Login Procedure of Methodist Online Billing

To login you need to visit The patient account number is mentioned in the billing statement you received in your mail. It is a 13 digit code.

Once you are done you can view your billing statement online as well. You can view the charges, charge details, due dates, amount paid, amount left and more. You can as questions regarding your charges, hospital records, website, stay etc. in short you don’t have to go through lengthy procedures. You can get answers at home without difficulties.

To create an account, you firstly have to visit Enter the required information and you can create an online account for questioning about your billing statement. You can create this account for general questions as well.

How to Make Online Payment Making Payments

One can do Online Payments By simply visiting You can make payments online or via mail. Online payment method is simple and fast. Just enter your account number and amount, give basic information like your name, card number etc. when you have done setting up, you can make your payment using one click. This way you can pay using your credit card.

You can also make online payment from your savings or checking account using electric debit. You just need to add your personal checking or savings account number and bank routing number. Once the process is set up you can make the payment. The payment process can take up to 48 hours.

To make payments via mail you just have to get the address from the billing statement. The address to where you have to pay is mentioned in the billing statement.

The online procedure is more preferred as it is fast and more secure. The mailing system can take up to 5 to 7 business days to deliver.

For more information you can contact Houston Methodist service center.

Contact at:832 667 5900 or 877 493 3228

How to Online Bill Pay through Methodist Online Billing

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