Dance Day

A Field Guide to Adult Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Los Angeles. For beginners to professional dancers. Explore new classes and dance studios!...

The Dance Commission One-Day Intensive with CollectiveUth & Creating Opportunities

Creating Opportunities and CollectiveUth present a one-day dance intensive with classes, a Creating Opps crash course, and workshops from nutrition and wellness to marketing yourself as an artist!

“Let’s Get Physical”: $1 Dance Workouts at Music Center

The L.A. Music Center’s A Taste of Dance event offers a variety of 20-minute classes for just $1 each. This time, from Hip-Hop Aerobics to Tahitian Dance Fitness, the theme is dance workouts!

Your Neighborhood Studio 5th Annual Open House

Your Neighborhood Studio will hold free 30-minute classes all afternoon on Sunday, January 22, 2012. There’s lots of hip hop, as well as a wide variety of other dance styles. Come sample up to ten classes in five hours!

The Lab Grand Opening Free Dance Day

The Lab’s grand opening in West Covina on Saturday, October 1, is a day of free dance classes! Hip hop and house instructors include Troy Austria, Jesse Trinidad, Toybox, and Ryan Feng. The day ends with an open session from 6 to 7 pm.

A Taste of Dance Crazes: Running Man, Cabbage Patch, and More!

“A Taste of Dance Crazes” at the L.A. Music Center Plaza will offer lessons for $1 each in the Charleston, vogueing, the moonwalk, and more.

Free Dance Day at Lineage PAC

To celebrate National Dance Day, Lineage Dance Company is offering free dance classes, a brief Lineage Dance showcase, and massages at its studio on Fair Oaks Ave in Pasadena.

Your Neighborhood Studio Semiannual Open House

Your Neighborhood Studio will introduce new hip-hop classes and more at its Semiannual Open House.

ABDC Dance Days at IDA Hollywood

To celebrate the finale of this year’s America’s Best Dance Crew competition, IDA Hollywood is offering dance days taught by instructors who have competed on the show.

A Taste of Dance: $1 Classes Featuring Alvin Ailey ADT

On Saturday, April 9, the L.A. Music Center’s A Taste of Dance day will offer 20-minute classes in hip hop, jazz funk, and modern dance for $1 apiece.

Dance Free Day at Debbie Allen Dance Academy

DADA’s next Dance Free Day is coming up this Saturday, December 18!

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