Pacific Arts Center & Dance Studios

Pacific Arts Center & Dance Studios, in Westwood / Century City / West Los Angeles, offers art exhibits, dance, film, theater, and more....

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Pacific Arts Center & Dance Studios

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Pacific Arts Center & Dance Studios, located in the Westwood / Century City area of West Los Angeles, just outside Beverly Hills, offers fine arts exhibits, dance classes, film and theater programs, and more in a beautiful gallery/studio space on Santa Monica Bl.

Arts educator and choreographer Shida Pegahi founded the center in 2002, bringing experience that includes studying ballet at the Royal Ballet School in London, teaching at the Westside Academy of Dance in Santa Monica, and founding Nev Nava Dance Theatre, a nationally performing contemporary/mystical Persian dance company.

Adult hip hop is consistently offered on the center’s class schedule. Dancers can also find less often taught cultural dance styles, from Persian and Balkan to Russian and Romanian, as well as tap, ballet, and jazz. Inquire with the studio about class series and sessions!

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