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Jayvee Dance Center in Alhambra, CA, a friendly and welcoming studio, offers adult hip-hop classes by session registration and drop-in for beginners through professionals....

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About Jayvee Dance Center

Jayvee Dance Center in Alhambra, CA, strives to offer quality dance training in a welcoming atmosphere, and the studio has developed a close-knit community. Most Jayvee Dance Center classes are available by preregistration rather than on a drop-in basis, so class members dance with the same group for a full session and teachers know their students by name. In addition, performance is a focus at the studio, and Jayvee Dance Center hosts and sponsors a variety of hip-hop dance companies.

Jayvee Dance consistently offers a variety of adult and teen/adult classes in hip hop, as well as a varying selection of styles such as hula, ballet, jazz, tap, and belly dance. Adults who are comfortable with a wide age range can attend a number of additional classes that are open to a specific age “and up.”

Jayvee Dance Center offers hip hop
for complete beginners through professionals.

Jayvee Dance Center offers hip hop for complete beginners through professionals. The most advanced classes are teen/adult, and the aspiring professional teens will keep you on your toes! But there are also classes to suit a shy beginner, someone with a busy work schedule, someone who wants to take class five days a week and perform, or someone who just wants to dance for fitness.

After an initial trial class, most Jayvee Dance Center classes require dancers to register for the remainder of the session to continue. To confirm dates and schedule a trial class, call the studio and let Jayvee Dance Center’s enrollment specialists know you’re interested in joining the studio community!

Jayvee Dance Center is located right on Main Street, among the shops and restaurants of downtown Alhambra. You can see the studio’s large plate-glass windows from the street, but the main entrance and free parking lot are around the corner, behind the building. You can spot Jayvee Dance Center from the back by its pretty blue-painted brick wall.

Drop-In Teen/Adult Hip-Hop Classes

Two long-running classes where adult students may drop in are the Jayvee Monthly JAM and the Monday night Boogiezone Community Class hosted by Jayvee.

Jayvee Monthly JAM

The Jayvee Monthly JAM is an intermediate/advanced teen/adult hip-hop class taught by a different guest instructor each month (there’s a separate kids’ class). The idea behind the Monthly JAM is that instead of a one-time master class, you can have four or five classes with your visiting instructor to get to know them and their style.

Dancers are welcome to drop in to the Monthly JAM and pay on a single-class basis. However, those who then opt to register for the class and pay the remainder of the month’s tuition receive a lower price per class. Dancers can learn about upcoming Monthly JAMs by visiting the Jayvee Dance Center Facebook profile, where each month’s class flyer is posted.

Boogiezone Community Class

The Boogiezone Community Class hosted by Jayvee Dance Center is an advanced-level hip-hop choreography class. This weekly drop-in class costs only $10 (payable to the Boogiezone staff on site) and is open to all levels of dancer. The Boogiezone Community Class attracts a wide variety of hip-hop dancers, including many industry professionals. However, beginners are welcome to come challenge themselves! Dancers can find flyers for upcoming Boogiezone Community classes on the Boogiezone web site.

Performance Opportunities

Jayvee Dance Center is home to hip-hop dance companies for all ages, from the ladies’ age 18+ Groovaholics to coed companies from Teen Groov all the way down to Baby Groov. Jayvee Dance Center also houses the coed age 18+ FamBiz hip-hop dance company, and has jazz dance companies for multiple age ranges.

Jayvee Dance Center’s dance companies compete and perform year-round. For upcoming auditions, see the Jayvee Dance Center Facebook profile.

Dedicated Teachers

Jayvee Dance Center values teachers who offer students more than just a good routine.

When Jayvee Dance Center chooses a dance instructor, the studio looks for someone who’s a teacher first and foremost, rather than primarily a performer or choreographer. Someone who gives their students insight, who talks about things like body mechanics or what you think about when you’re dancing. A teacher willing to share some of their own experiences.

Jayvee Dance Center wants you to have a teacher who’s invested in the studio community, loves Jayvee Dance Center and its students, and will give you a piece of themselves in class!

Dance Work-Study Program

Jayvee Dance Center offers a work-study program for dancers.

In addition to earning free dance classes, teens can join to gain school credit, a job title for their resume, and valuable internship experience. Possible responsibilities include working in the front office, being in charge of the retail clothing area at the studio, and writing articles to be published in the Jayvee Dance Center newsletter and city newspapers.

The program is open to both teens and adults wishing to earn free dance classes. Work-study program “graduates” sometimes go on to join Jayvee Dance Center’s office staff or even become Jayvee Dance Center instructors.

All the Details: Jayvee Dance Center

Contacting the Studio

Phone and E-Mail

The best way to reach the studio is by phone.

Reply turnaround for a voice message is normally the same day, unless it’s after hours.

Reply turnaround for e-mail is normally 1-2 business days.

Studio Hours

Jayvee Dance Center maintains regular office hours, and you can drop by during the day most days of the week. The hours vary by season.

Hours as of November 2011

  • Monday-Friday: 3-9 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am-3 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Social Media

Twitter (JayveeDance)

Jayvee Dance Center’s tweets will keep you up to date on free class deals for hip hop and more. The studio sometimes tweets videos of classes such as the Monthly JAM and Boogiezone Community Class, and has also begun tweeting the weekly schedule of drop-in classes at the studio!

Facebook Profile

Jayvee Dance Center is active on Facebook and posts information on upcoming classes and events, videos of students’ performances, and more.


Jayvee Dance Center is active on Tumblr. You can find videos, pictures, flyers for upcoming workshops, and more.

Video Channel

Jayvee Dance Center’s YouTube channel has lots of videos to watch! The studio regularly uploads videos of the Monthly JAM class, as well as posting video from performances, workshops, and more.

Studio News

Jayvee Dance Center Newsletter

Jayvee Dance Center e-mails a newsletter to all students.

How to Sign Up for the Newsletter

To sign up for the Jayvee Dance Center newsletter online, click here.

Dancers are automatically subscribed to the Jayvee Dance Center newsletter when they initially register at the studio. (However, they may unsubscribe at any time.)

Dancers are also automatically subscribed to the teacher’s class e-mail list for each class they enroll in.

Class Information

Class Schedule

The class schedule is available as a PDF download on the Jayvee Dance Center web site. (As of fall 2011, the schedule can be found in the “Enrollment” dropdown menu at the top of the home page.) Because Jayvee Dance Center classes offered by preregistration on a semester system, schedule changes are infrequent.

Flyers for upcoming Jayvee MonthlyJAMsare posted on the Jayvee Dance Facebook profile, and flyers for each week’sBoogiezoneCommunity Classes are posted on theBoogiezoneweb site.

Class Prices

Tuition for each class appears on the Jayvee Dance Center class schedule PDF.

Enrollment Fee

There is an annual enrollment fee for all Jayvee Dance Center students ($35 as of fall 2010).

Enrollment Process

Jayvee Dance Center accepts enrollments in person at the studio, by appointment. People interested in joining a class can schedule an appointment with an enrollment counselor by phone or through the Jayvee Dance Center web site.

Attendance Options

Almost all adult classes require preregistration. The Boogiezone Community Class and Jayvee Monthly JAM are offered on a drop-in basis. The Jayvee Monthly JAM offers a lower price per class to dancers who opt to register for the remaining weeks after dropping in.

To arrange to visit and take a trial class, just call Jayvee Dance Center and let the studio know you’re interested! As of winter 2010, the fee for a trial class is $15.

The studio has also begun tweeting the weekly schedule of adult drop-in classes (around one per weekday) to its Twitter account.

Visiting Jayvee Dance Center

Visitors’ Resources

Printable Visitors’ Guide

For a printable PDF with visitors’ information, see the Downloads section in the sidebar.

Photos of Studio

For photos of the front and back of the studio, click on the Finding the Studio gallery (next to the Studio Gallery) in the sidebar.

Policies and Things to Know

Being on Time

Students arriving more than 15 minutes late must have the instructor’s permission to join the class.

Age Range

The minimum age for adult hip-hop classes at Jayvee Dance Center is 18. The studio offers both adult and teen/adult classes.

Class Observation Policy

Classes may be observed through the observation windows. Observers may not enter the studio.

Class Payment

The studio accepts cash, check, MasterCard, and VISA.

Information for First-Time Students

All new students must arrive 15 minutes before their first class and register prior to the start of class. (You may call the studio to schedule an initial trial class before deciding to enroll.)

Water and Snacks


Refrigerated bottled water is available from the vending machine.

Snacks and Restaurant Meals

The studio is located close to restaurants, cafes, and a large grocery store.

Studio Features and Amenities

Changing for Class

The studio’s restrooms are located near the front desk lobby area at the main entrance. They have both single-occupancy and multiple-occupancy restrooms, and separate men’s and women’s facilities. The restrooms are an appropriate place to change for class.

There is also a separate changing room located near the restrooms.

Waiting Areas and Lounges

The studio’s front lobby doesn’t include space for lounging. However, Jayvee Dance Center has a spacious hallway where parents can sit while waiting to pick up their child from class.

Clothing and Other Goods

Jayvee Dance Center has an extensive line of dance class apparel available for purchase. Items include tights, sweats, t-shirts, and basketball shorts.

Every year, Jayvee Dance Center prints a new batch of its “I Love JVt-shirts for Valentine’s Day! New students may purchase their t-shirt at that time.

Dance Floors

Jayvee Dance Center’s dance studios have sprung hardwood floors.

Navigating to the Studio

Driving Directions

For a Google map programmed with the studio’s location coordinates, click the “See map: Google Maps” link in the Studio Info box at the top of the sidebar.

To get directions, click on the location marker on the map, then select “Directions” on the pop-up blurb. The studio’s location will appear as “B” (destination) at the upper left of the page. Enter your starting point as “A” (origin) on the line above.

Finding the Studio

Jayvee Dance Center is on the south side of the street. The studio’s main entrance is at the back, accessible from the parking lot. (Finding the driveway is a little bit tricky; see Parking Options.) The back of the studio is a distinctive royal blue brick wall with pale yellow trim.

For photos of the front and back of Jayvee Dance Center, see the Finding the Studio gallery in the sidebar.

Accessibility Note

The studio’s main entrance is located above a flight of stairs. For wheelchair access, contact the studio and the staff will be glad to let you know how you can enter from Main St.

Parking Options

Jayvee Dance Center Parking Lot

Free lot parking is available with a limit of 2 hours, Monday-Saturday.

Entering the Jayvee Dance Center parking lot is a little bit tricky. When you turn onto Chapel St from Main St, thesecondparking lot entrance on the right, which is long and narrow, is Jayvee Dance Center’s. Drive down it, and the area you can park in will be on your left. (Just don’t park south of the red lines.)

City of Alhambra Parking Lot

There are several interconnecting parking lots behind Jayvee Dance Center’s building. You may also park in the large City of Alhambra lot located to the southwest of Jayvee Dance Center’s lot,exceptduring posted Farmers’ Market hours(see signs in lot).

Where Not to Park

Don’tpark in the bank’s parking lot, located west of Jayvee Dance Center’s lot!

Street Parking

When parking, always check street signs on the block to verify details.

Parking on Main St on the blocks surrounding the studio is unmetered with a time limit of 1 hr, 9 am-6 pm, Monday-Saturday. There is very little parking on other surrounding streets until a couple of blocks away from the studio.

Public Transportation

Jayvee Dance Center by Bus

The L.A. Metro bus has service to this area. (See System Maps and Timetables tabs.)

Jayvee Dance Center by Subway

The Gold Line of the L.A. Metro passes through the Alhambra area, but it won’t get you close to the studio. You may be able to find a connecting bus. (See System Maps and Line Maps tabs.)

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