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IDA Hollywood, one of L.A.'s top four professional dance industry studios, offers a strong adult class program for professional and nonprofessional dancers....

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About IDA Hollywood

Since opening in 2008, IDA Hollywood has quickly risen to the stature of one of L.A.’s top four professional dance industry studios. Primarily a production facility, the studio hosts rehearsals, filming, and more for a clientele including many of entertainment’s hottest celebrities. However, IDA still manages to reserve studio time each day for dance classes, and its strong adult drop-in class program attracts a passionate community of both professionals and nonprofessionals. At night, the studio comes alive with the energy of dancers eager to train.

The studio is strong in hip hop, and its excellent instructors offer diverse styles and teaching approaches. IDA’s faculty includes both an increasing number ofL.A.’sbest-known dance instructors and quite a few lower-profile but highly capable teachers. The studio’s willingness to take a risk on talents who are still under the industry’s radar results in refreshingly new and varied classes, and some incredible hip-hop instructors have gotten their start with a regular class at IDA.

At night, the studio comes alive with the
energy of dancers eager to train.

Offering a wide range of dance styles is a priority at IDA, promoting well-rounded training, and the staff is open to requests for new classes. IDA prefers friendly, personable instructors who take an interest in students, and some of the teachers’ often-modest class sizes allow for a more personal dance training experience. In addition, many of the classes taught at a high level are open to students of all skills, allowing less advanced dancers to get a taste of more challenging material.

Located in the heart of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, the clean and well-appointed space where IDA Hollywood makes its home is part of the studio’s appeal. The secure second-floor facility is inaccessible to paparazzi, contributing to its popularity with celebrity clients. IDA has air conditioning and light-colored sprung hardwood floors in each of its dance studios, with rows of adjustable spotlights installed above the front mirrors.

Comfortable furnishings and a welcoming atmosphere make IDA’s lobby a popular hangout spot for dancers between classes. Outfitted for lounging with an assortment of chairs and stools—and a large, cushy couch—the lobby is a social hub where students, teachers, work-studies, and staff all mingle. For prospective students, a large flat-screen TV displays videos of IDA’s classes. (Sometimes the studio shows dance movies and more.)

IDA’s classes are assigned to different studios each week depending on rental reservations, so you may dance in a variety of spaces. The studios vary in size and personality, from cozy little corner Studio D to the large and popular StudioA1, which overlooks the bustling tourist scene on HollywoodBl. On the east wall, long, sunny Studio C gets lots of daylight during weekend afternoon classes.

“The light hits differently on every corner of the building,” says IDA marketing manager Shiva Ware. “Every corner. InA1, you can feel the sun set. You don’t really see it, but you feel it.”

IDA welcomes visitors and drop-in students! The door on HollywoodBlis usually locked for security, so the studio may look closed. But press a button on the wall and staff will buzz you into a colorful hallway spray-painted with murals. At the end of the hall, turn the corner and walk up one flight of metal stairs, enter the door at the first landing, and you’re there.

At the front desk, IDA staff are available to talk with newcomers. A long, low front counter allows some people to sign in for classes while others carry on conversations. And if you’d rather call than visit, there’s almost always someone to pick up IDA’s phone!

All the Details: IDA Hollywood

Contacting the Studio

Phone and E-Mail

The best way to reach IDA Hollywood is by phone. Someone is almost always there to answer during the studio’s business hours—and the studio is open up to 12 hours a day (see below for IDA’s regular hours).

Reply turnaround for a voice message is normally same day, or the next morning if a message is left at night.

Reply turnaround for e-mail is normally 2-3 days, and may be longer when IDA is receiving a high volume of e-mail due to an upcoming special event.

Studio Hours

As of last check, the studio’s regular hours are

  • Monday-Friday: 10 am-10 pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 10 am-5 pm

Please confirm hours with IDA before planning a visit.

Social Media

YouTube Channel

IDA Hollywood is exceptionally active on YouTube, and you can find videos of most IDA classes you may be interested in!

The studio has hundreds of uploads, most of them class videos. There are also a few extras to view, like IDA Hollywood promos for the studio and its performances, and news segments about the studio filmed by local television stations.

Facebook Profile

IDA is very active on Facebook, posting the day’s classes and sub updates. In addition, the studio’s Facebook wall sometimes has embedded videosespecially of new classes—and occasionally, the studio may postpreviews of updated class schedules before they change on the official studio web site or reminders of special events, free classes, studio holiday closures, etc.

Twitter (idadance)

IDA Hollywood is very active on Twitter. The studio tweets the day’s classes, and sometimes also includes a bit of info on a class or a link to the instructor’s class video. IDA’s first round of class tweets is often subject to updates later in the day. To be sure you get news of subs and last-minute schedule changes, check Twitter close to the time of your class and always call ahead to confirm.

Occasionally, IDA tweets additional news of holiday closures, upcoming special events, free classes, and the like.

If you have a question regarding information in a tweet, we recommend calling the studio. Phone is the best way to reach IDA.

MySpace Profile

IDA’s MySpace profile displays the studio’s most recent tweets from Twitter.

Studio News


IDA Hollywood has introduced a weekly newsletter to keep dancers up to date on new classes, class updates, events, and specials (such as free classes!).

E-Mail List

IDA has an e-mail list. Updates may be sent regarding major or time-sensitive events. Given that the studio has a weekly newsletter, we expect there will be few additional e-mails.

How to Sign Up for the Newsletter and E-Mail List

When you fill out the studio’s registration form before your first class, they’ll sign up the e-mail address you provide there for the studio’s newsletter and e-mail list.

On the new IDA Hollywood web site that launched in August 2011, you can submit your e-mail address online to sign up for the e-mail list and newsletter. Look for the big, white “Join Our Email List” link at the bottom right corner of the home page.

Class Information

Class Schedule

The class schedule is available on the IDA web site (for a link, see the Studio Info box in the sidebar of this profile). Some classes have their level included in the class name. The many classes that have no level specified are open-level classes.

Open-level classes vary in difficulty. If in doubt about whether a class is a good fit for you, we recommend viewing videos on the IDA YouTube channel or talking with IDA’s staff.

Class Prices

Details of prices for single classes (regular and union rates), class passes (class series), and IDA’s unlimited dance pass are on the IDA Hollywood Rates page. It’s a longstanding policy that all class packages expire 30 days from date of purchase.

Attendance Options

IDA offers ongoing, drop-in classes for adults.

Long-Term Ongoing Specials and Affordable Options

The studio offers lower union rates for single classes (see Rates page for groups included).

IDA Hollywood’s monthly unlimited dance pass provides access to a large and diverse selection of classes for a reasonable rate.

The studio may offer short-term specials exclusively for IDA students via the weekly e-mail newsletter.


Visiting IDA Hollywood

Policies and Things to Know

Being on Time

Because IDA understands that many dancers travel great distances to take a particular class, and may be delayed by traffic and parking issues that occur in the busy Hollywood tourist district where the studio is located, students may arrive up to 30 minutes late for class.

Age Range

The minimum age for adult hip-hop classes is normally 16. Instructors have some discretion to admit younger students based on the student’s skill level, parental approval, the student and parents’ comfort with the lyrical content found in adult classes, etc.

Food, Beverages, and Gum

No gum, food, or beverages other than water are allowed in the dance studios.

Class Observation Policy

IDA recommends that dancers curious about a class check out the IDA Hollywood YouTube channel. IDA uploads a large number of class videos, and you can probably find the class you’re interested in!

Prospective students who wish to drop in and observe a class in person must follow studio guidelines and may observe for only up to 10 minutes, after class is well underway.

We recommend speaking with a staff member if you wish to observe a class. They can inform you of an appropriate time to enter the studio and any relevant policies. They also likely can tell you additional information about the class you’re interested in!

Class Payment

Studentsmustpay before class.

IDA accepts cash (in US currency), travelers checks*, money orders*, debit cards (EFT), MasterCard, VISA, and American Express.

*As of March 1, 2012, the studio will no longer accept personal checks. We will confirm info regarding travelers checks and money orders when IDA reopens after the Oscar Awards.

Exact change is not required, but is always appreciated.

Information for First-Time Students

Beginning dancers and walk-in students are always welcome at IDA! The studio seeks to provide supportive teachers and a fun class environment, and offers classes for all ages and skill levels.

Please arrive a few minutes early for your first class to complete the studio’s registration form, pay for your class, and get signed in.

Classes may be assigned to different studios each week, so remember to check the studio name marked on the clip at the top of the sign-in clipboard for your class.

Information for Foreign Students

People from outside the United States are welcome to study at IDA Hollywood! Dancers may contact the studio for details.

Water and Snacks

Vending Machines

The studio has a pair of vending machines, one devoted to refrigerated beverages and the other stocked with snacks.

IDA Hollywood has quite upscale vending fare by the standards of L.A. dance studios. The prices are a bit higher than average, but the selection is quite large, and in addition to a candy bars, various types of chips, and such, IDA stocks some genuinely tasty and nutritious alternatives.

The beverage vending machine offers refrigerated bottled water, fruit juice, soda, iced tea / fruit juice blends, etc. It also features an extensive selection of energy drinks for the exhausted dancer in nonstop rehearsals. A little beverage elevator zips around the machine to capture and deliver your selection.

The vending machines have been upgraded to accept both cash and credit cards! (If paying with a credit card, follow the prompts on the screen and press the “Complete” button to finish your transaction.)

Water Fountains

IDA is proud of the quality of its water fountains! Located in a nook at the back of the lobby, opposite the plasma TV, the two fountains are kept clean and shiny and offer cold, good-tasting water.

Restaurant Meals

Located in the heart of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame tourist district, IDA Hollywood is within a couple of blocks of a wide variety of restaurants, snack shops, and cafes.

Studio Features and Amenities

Changing for Class

IDA Hollywood has separate men’s and women’s multiple-occupancy restrooms where you may change for class.

The women’s restroom is to the right when you enter IDA from the stairwell.

The men’s restroom is on the west wall of the front lobby (the same wall the studio’s entrance from the stairwell is on). Walk toward the lobby wall opposite the front desk. Just before reaching it, look left and you’ll see water fountains in a nook. Immediately left of the water fountains is an entranceway to the men’s restroom.

The restrooms are clean and spacious, and each has a long counter with plenty of sinks and mirrors. They’re a very nice place to get ready for class if you need to put in contact lenses, put your hair up, etc.

The stalls are a little tight for changing clothes, but you can definitely do so. For privacy, the studio says it’s okay to use the extra-large accessible stall for changing clothes. You can also change in the spacious open area of the restroom. The ladies, at least, use their restroom as a full-scale dressing area, changing and doing their hair and makeup to go out after class, etc.

Waiting Areas and Lounges

IDA has a front lobby with a sofa and a flat-screen TV that’s a popular socializing and lounging area for dancers. There are also plenty of chairs along the walls in the hallways, so people can sit outside their studio and wait for class.


Most people bring their belongings into class with them. However, IDA also has lockers available for the price of a quarter.

Clothing and Other Goods

IDA Hollywood sells clothing from its stylish and popular IDA clothing line, designed by Donna Yehuda of PointBlank LA. A display case is located in the front lobby.

Dance Floors

IDA has sprung hardwood dance floors.

Music Recording Studio

IDA has a music recording studio available, on the same floor as the dance studios.

Privacy and Security

IDA Hollywood is a secure facility. Its second-floor location is inaccessible to paparazzi.

Navigating to the Studio

Travel Alert: Tourist District

IDA is located in the heart of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame tourist district, just east of the Hollywood & Highland Center. You’re likely to encounter large crowds of tourists, and traffic patterns in the area are a bit complex. We urge you to be alert for unpredictable behavior by pedestrians and drivers unfamiliar with Hollywood.

Travel Alert: Highland Ave Traffic Congestion

Highland Ave, the closest north-south street to IDA, often becomes highly congested. It gets heavy commuter traffic during rush hour because it’s the only route to a freeway entrance north of the studio. In addition, the Hollywood Bowl arena is close by, so traffic may also be heavy during a large concert or other event.

If you’re driving to the studio during rush hour for the first time, or haven’t encountered intense traffic yet, we encourage you to leave yourself at least an extra 15-20 minutes. Traffic is much heavier some days than others.

Finding the Studio

IDA Hollywood Location

IDA Hollywood is about half a block east of the intersection of Highland Ave and Hollywood Bl, on the north side of Hollywood Bl. 

You can’t easily spot the studio from the street, as IDA is on the building’s second floor. The gray metal recessed street-level door is easy to miss. However, above the entrance is a small red-and-white IDA awning, between awnings for neighboring businesses on either side. (See a picture of it in the “Finding the Studio” photo gallery in the sidebar of this profile.)

A large folding IDA Hollywood sandwich-board sign usually sits on the sidewalk in front of the studio door. It’s colorful and pretty easy to spot.  (See the “Finding the Studio” gallery.) Recently, however, the sandwich board is being kept inside the studio’s hallway.

You can look out for some landmarks on the building and sidewalk:

  • A few yards east of IDA is the Frederick’s of Hollywood store.
  • A few yards west of IDA is a big, brightly lit “Wax Museum” sign (a tall column with blue, red, and gold lights that sticks out from the side of the building).
  • IDA’s door is directly behind the star for Joseph Schenck on the Walk of Fame.
  • IDA’s door is between the stars for Fran Allison (west) and Freddie Prinze (east).
  • If you follow the numbers marked on the curb, IDA’s door is behind parking spot #303.

Entering IDA Hollywood

The studio door will usually be locked. To enter the studio, press the button on the wall to the left of the door. Staff will unlock the door for you remotely, from upstairs. When you hear a loud buzzing sound, pull open the door.

The narrow hallway has colorful murals spray-painted on the walls. At the end of the hall, turn and walk up one flight of metal stairs. The door to IDA is at the first landing.

Parking Structure

Hollywood & Highland Parking Structure

Parking is available in the large Hollywood & Highland Center parking structure, about a block west of the studio. Enter the structure from the middle of the block of Highland Ave between Hollywood Bl and Franklin Ave and take a ticket at the gate.Be sure to keep your ticket!If you lose your ticket, you will be charged the daily maximum parking fee of $10.00.

As of August 2011, parking now costs$2 for the first 2 hourswith validation from IDA and $1 for each additional 15 minutes. After three hours, the daily maximum fee of $10 applies.

Parking validation arrangements have been in flux during summer 2011, so we recommend checking with the studio to verify the current situation and where to get your ticket validated.

Travel Alert: Occasional Severe Congestion at Orange Dr Exit

We highly recommend leavingthe H&H parking structure viathe Highland Ave exit.

There are two exits from the H&H parking structure, to Highland Ave and Orange Dr. Partial closures of HollywoodBlin front of the H&H Center for special events are frequent, and can cause extreme traffic slowage on Orange Dr not only on the block where cars exit the structure, but all the way down Orange Dr from HollywoodBlto SunsetBl.

Travel Alert: No Left Turn at Highland Ave & Franklin Ave

If you wish to travel west, be sure to turn south onto Highland Ave (toward Hollywood Bl) when departing the H&H parking structure.

Franklin Ave, half a block north of the H&H Highland Ave exit, is the only major cross street on Highland Ave north of the H&H Center. However, you can’t turn left (west) from northbound Highland Ave onto westbound Franklin Ave. And once you cross Franklin Ave, you’re being funneled straight toward a freeway entrance. You can still avoid entering the freeway, but you won’t be able to head west without turning around, and that won’t be easy to do.

If you want to go west but accidentally turn north onto Highland Ave as you depart the H&H structure, to extricate yourself, get in the right-hand lane ASAP and turneast(right) onto Franklin Ave. Now you can turn south (right again) and head away from the freeway entrance. When you get back to, or south of, Hollywood Bl, you will again be free to turn west.

Street Parking

Street Parking near Hollywood & Highland

Metered street parking in the busy tourist district surrounding the studio is very expensive, averaging $2 per hour. Check signs closely for meter hours of operation and other regulations. Meters range from $1/hr farther from Hollywood Bl to $3/hr for prime parking.

If you attempt to street park in a nearby residential area, check street signs carefully. Many of the streets in this area belong to permit parking districts. Cars without valid permits may not be parked thereat any time,and will be ticketed.

Public Transportation

IDA Hollywood by Subway

IDA Hollywood is extremely convenient to reach by subway! It’s about a block east of the L.A. Metro Red Line’s Hollywood and Highland stop. (See System Maps and Line Maps tabs on the linked page.)

IDA Hollywood by Bus

IDA Hollywood has plenty of L.A. Metro bus service. Busses stop at the Hollywood and Highland subway stop, across the street from the studio, as well as on other nearby blocks. (See Timetables tab on the linked page.)


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