West Adams Studios

West Adams Studios offers varied dance classes in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Give this friendly neighborhood studio a call for the current schedule!...

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West Adams Studios

Basic Profile

West Adams Studios, located in downtown Los Angeles’ West Adams neighborhood, offers an evolving selection of dance and dance fitness classes. As of our last knowledge (January 2013), the studio had an ongoing adult Afro-Hip Hop cardio class taught by Tatiana Tamai. Tatiana is an experienced instructor who provides a fun, high-energy atmosphere and a great workout, and we’d recommend giving her class a try! However, the West Adams Studios web site no longer displays a class schedule, so you’ll need to first call the studio to inquire.

West Adams Studios is located in the upstairs of a house-style structure that has been renovated into a dance and music recording studio. There’s a limited amount of parking in a free lot behind the building (look for a big, black open gate on the right side of the studio), and free street parking is also available. The studio is very convenient to the freeway.

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