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Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, CA, is one of the world's top training centers for commercial hip-hop dance....

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About Millennium Dance Complex

Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, CA, a well-established studio at the heart of Los Angeles’ competitive dance industry, is a world-renowned training center for commercial dance. The studio is especially strong in hip hop and offers a variety of other dance styles for well-rounded study. Millennium has a rich history and intimate involvement in L.A.’s dance world. The studio is associated with many legendary artists, whose pictures are mounted on the studio’s Wall of Fame, and offers classes with some of L.A.’s top choreographers.

Millennium’s core mission is to provide the continuous high-caliber training professional dancers need to reach and stay at the level required to succeed inL.A. The studio’s classes are much more advanced in difficulty than those available in many areas of the United States and the world, and a large portion of Millennium’s students are dancers who come from abroad to elevate their training. In addition, Millennium is popular with seasoned veterans of L.A.’s dance industry who train regularly to stay at the top of their game.

Dancers who are already good come here,
and then a lot of growth happens.

Millennium director of operations Jin Lee encourages dancers to take advantage of not only the advanced level of instruction, but the diversity of styles available at Millennium—even within the hip-hop genre—to broaden their training and increase their skills. Frequently, dancers who are already good come here, and then a lot of growth happens. The students who actually ascend in the dance world, Jin says, are the ones who venture outside their comfort zone at all times and learn choreography that’s challenging for them.

However, Millennium offers classes for all skill levels; the studio also attracts casual dancers and beginners, and staff can recommend the best classes for them. Some find it inspiring to be immersed in the atmosphere of L.A.’s dance world, and at Millennium, you can feel it as soon as you walk in.

One of L.A.’s top four professional dance industry studios, Millennium provides studio rentals to many of the entertainment industry’s biggest stars at its facility. There’s always something going on here: a rehearsal for an upcoming dance show, an audition for a music celebrity’s world tour. The studio has a “chaotic, good-vibed energy all in one,” Jin Lee says.

Millennium Dance Complex owners Robert and Ann Marie Baker, dancers who met in class at New York City’s famed Broadway Dance Center, are very involved and maintain a consistent presence at the studio. Ann Marie’s deep sense of spirituality extends to Millennium’s space: each year, she feng shui’s the entire studio. Millennium is painted orange, Jin says, because it’s a good energy color for the dance complex.

South of the intersection of Magnolia Bl and Lankershim Bl, Millennium is located in North Hollywood’s NoHo Arts District. Within a block or two, you can find other well-known institutions in the L.A. dance community, from the Nappytabs dancewear store to the El Portal Theatre. The studio is very convenient to both major freeways and the L.A. Metro, with a subway stop just a few blocks north on Lankershim Bl.


Meet Jin Lee

Millennium Dance Complex director of operations Jin Lee has been with the studio for over a decade. Not a dancer herself, Jin had planned to pursue a career in fashion photography, but she fell in love with Millennium and never looked back. She strives to make everyone feel welcome at the studio, from adult beginners to visiting dancers who don’t speak English.



All the Details: Millennium Dance Complex

Contacting the Studio

Phone and E-Mail

The best way to reach Millennium Dance Complex is by phone. Reply turnaround for e-mail may be 3-4 days.

Studio Hours

The studio has daily hours. As of last check, they are:

  • Monday-Thursday: 9 am-10 pm
  • Friday: 9 am-8 pm
  • Sunday: 9 am-5 pm

Please confirm hours with Millennium before making plans to visit.

Social Media

Twitter (DanceMillennium)

Millennium is very active on Twitter. The studio tweets the daily schedule, updates on subs and classes, news of upcoming master classes, links to dance videos, and motivational sayings.

Facebook Profile

Millennium is active on Facebook, posting class videos, contests to win free tickets to dance and music events, and more.

Video Gallery

The Millennium Dance Complex web site’s video gallery automatically pulls Millennium-related videos from YouTube. So there are hundreds of videos to view!

Disclaimer:Because the videos are automatically selected, they come from a wide range of YouTube users and may contain material that is offensive or inappropriate for children. Millennium advises viewer discretion.

Class Information

Class Schedule

The class schedule is available on the Millennium Dance Complex Adult Schedule page (see the Studio Info box in the sidebar of this profile for a link).

Alternate-Day Scheduling

Millennium tends to schedule the same classes on Monday as on Wednesday, and the same classes on Tuesday as on Thursday. So for the person who wishes to train regularly in a particular class, there’s a consistent time slot and one-day break between classes.

Class Prices

Prices for single classes, class cards (“books” of classes), and dance passes are available on the Millennium Dance Complex Class Prices page. The page includes a price-per-class breakdown for class cards, expiration dates for class cards and dance passes, union rates, group rates, and individually priced classes such as master classes and ballet barre.

Online Class Purchasing Option

Class cards (“books”), dance passes, and Millennium’s one-year autodraft contract (available to local residents with valid California proof of residency) can all be purchased at the Millennium Dance Complex online store.

Long-Term Ongoing Specials and Affordable Options

Ongoing Specials for California Residents

Millennium offers some special pricing options for California residents who show valid California identification (such as a CA driver’s license). If you plan to take at least 40 classes a month at Millennium and have proof of local residency, you may wish to check out the “L.A. Resident” options on the Millennium Dance Complex Class Prices page.

Attendance Options

Millennium offers ongoing, drop-in adult dance classes. The studio also has a long-running Friday night master class series.

Visiting Millennium Dance Complex

Policies and Things to Know

Being on Time

Students may enter jazz and ballet classes up to 10 minutes late and hip-hop classes up to 20 minutes late.

Age Range

The minimum age for Millennium’s adult drop-in classes is 13.

Class Payment

Millennium accepts cash, California checks, MasterCard, VISA, and American Expresscredit cards, as well as debit cards from MasterCard, VISA, and American Express.

Class Observation Policy

Observers may enter the studios to watch classes earlier than 6 pm, so long as the studio is not unduly crowded. After 6 pm, observers are not permitted inside the dance studios. However, they may watch through observation windows in the hallway.

Information for First-Time Students

Students can simply come pay and sign in for their first class. We suggest allowing yourself a few extra minutes in case there are several people waiting to sign in at once. However, no paperwork is required.

Information for Foreign Students

Foreign students are welcome to study at Millennium Dance Complex! Many people from outside the United States train at Millennium. Dancers may contact the studio for details.

Water and Snacks


As of last check, refrigerated or room-temperature bottled water may be purchased at the front desk for $1. The studio also has a water fountain.


Millennium Dance Complex does not sell snacks.

Restaurant Meals

Millennium is located in the heart of North Hollywood’s NoHo Arts District, close to cafes and convenience stores.

Studio Features and Amenities

Changing for Class

Millennium has two unisex single-occupancy restrooms that are fairly spacious and good for changing clothes. Directly across the hall from the restrooms are a couple of small unisex single-occupancy changing rooms.

Clothing and Other Goods

The studio procures two or three orders a year of Millennium clothing. It is not always available at the studio for purchase. The best time to buy Millennium clothing is summer.

Waiting Areas and Lounges

Millennium has seating for a few people who may be waiting in the front lobby. It’s not a large lobby, and room is needed for those students signing in at the front desk, so it’s not really a hangout spot.

However, just outside the rear door of the studio, Millennium has a nice patio area with wooden benches and a table. There’s plenty of space here for lounging and socializing.

Dance Floors

The studio has sprung wood dance floors.

Posted Notices

There’s a nook inside the back door of the studio where people can leave information. Flyers and postcards for auditions, housing, events, and so on cover the walls and table. The studio is pretty flexible about what may be posted.


Millennium has a modestly sized upstairs studio in a loft, with its own private restroom, available for rentals.

Voice Studio

Studio 7, Millennium’s smallest studio, is equipped with an upright piano and is available for voice classes and rentals. There isn’t space here to combine singing and dance, and the floor is not sprung. However, the studio has mirrored walls.

Navigating to the Studio

Finding the Studio

Millennium Dance Complex has its name in large silver letters across the top of the studio. Millennium is closely surrounded by other businesses, so keep an eye out for its name and the building’s orange facade above large plate-glass windows.

The driveway to the studio’s parking lot is next to the north wall of the building.

Travel Alert: Wet Weather Advisory

On the rare occasions that it rains inL.A., the streets around Millennium fill with large streams and puddles. We advise wearing rain boots or shoes you don’t mind getting wet and carrying your dance sneakers and a fresh pair of socks to class with you in your dance bag.

Parking Options

Parking Lot

Millennium has a free parking lot behind the studio. The dozen or so parking spaces tend to fill up quickly. (Be careful not to park in the reserved spots for Jin Lee and Ann Marie Baker.) If you’re short on time, we suggest going directly to street parking.

Street Parking

When parking, always check street signs on the block to verify details.

Parking on Lankershim Bl

There is usually plentiful parking available on Lankershim Bl within a couple of blocks of Millennium, and meters here are very cheap. Keep an eye out for posted time limits (some of the spots on Millennium’s block are one-hour parking).

Parking on Side Streets

Free parking can be found on side streets. For those unfamiliar with the area, be sure to check street signs to avoid parking during weekly street sweeping hours.

Public Transportation

Millennium Dance Complex by Subway

Millennium Dance Complex is very convenient to reach by subway! The North Hollywood stop on the Red Line of theL.A. Metro train is a few blocks north of the studio on Lankershim Bl.

For routes and timetables, go to L.A. Metro Maps on the official L.A. Metro web site and see Red Line in the Line Maps tab. For a detailed map of the area surrounding the North Hollywood stop, go to the Station Maps tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “North Hollywood,” the last entry under “Red Line.”

Millennium Dance Complex by Bus

Millennium Dance Complex is close to the intersection of Lankershim Bl and Magnolia Bl, both of which are major streets. To find bus lines on theL.A. Metro bus, see the System Maps and Timetables tabs.

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