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The Movement Lifestyle Studio in North Hollywood's NoHo Arts District offers dance classes with top hip-hop instructors in a smaller, more personal studio environment....

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Movement Lifestyle Studio

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The Movement Lifestyle Studio in North Hollywood, CA, is designed to nurture a sense of community and to provide dancers with quality training in a smaller, more intimate studio environment—with instructors many of whom also teach atL.A.’stop dance industry studios.

The Movement Lifestyle Studio began offering regularly scheduled drop-in hip-hop classes on July 7, 2011. Just a year later, Movement Lifestyle was ready to move down the street to a larger space! There’s now one large studio (Studio M), with a class cap of 130, and an additional small studio (Studio L). The new mL Studio has large restrooms for dancers’ convenience, and the studio’s spacious open-design lobby / office area includes a nook where haircuts are sometimes offered.

The great majority of classes at Movement Lifestyle are intermediate/advanced level. In addition to hip hop, the studio offers a few other dance styles such as contemporary and house, and free yoga classes are held regularly. As of late 2013, Movement Lifestyle hosts a monthly master class taught by members of the all-female Beat Freaks dance crew followed by the Beat Freaks’ “Freak Out” open session.

Keep an eye on mL’s social media and online class schedule, because in addition to last-minute subs, the studio also frequently posts news of “pop-up classes”—surprise one-time classes with special guest instructors who happen to be visiting L.A., or are otherwise briefly available. These are often squeezed in during time slots when there would normally be no class.

The full class schedule is posted on Movement Lifestyle’s Studio page (see right sidebar for Studio Web Site link). You can also find information and class schedule updates (including last-minute subs and special announcements) on the Movement Lifestyle Facebook Page, the Movement Lifestyle Tumblr, or the Movement Lifestyle Twitter account.

You can see videos by members of mL’s artist base (Movement Lifestyle is an artist management company for choreographers), including those who teach at the studio, on the Movement Lifestyle YouTube channel.

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