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The new eLABorate Creative Arts Center in West Covina, CA, offers breakdancing, house, hip hop, tumbling, open gym hours, DJ'ing (private lessons), and more!...

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eLABorate Creative Arts Center

Basic Profile

With three dance studios and an onsite gym, the new eLABorate Creative Arts Center in West Covina, CA, is designed to offer an expansive range of classes for the person who likes to move and create. As of Monday, October 3, 2011, the center is open with a full schedule of all-ages classes in breakdancing, house dancing, all levels of hip hop, and more. Tumbling and kickboxing are on the schedule, and private lessons in DJ’ing may be booked.

Plans for The Lab include classes in visual arts, such as airbrushing. The large white walls of the center’s spacious hallways will be perfect for displaying art. And using the gym, the center will be able to offer classes to complement dancers’ training, teaching skills such as martial arts, flipping, and tricking.

ELABorateis an expansion of The Dance Effect, the studio Valerie Ramirez ran for the past seven years, to incorporate arts beyond dance. The Dance Effect’s crew The BlendedProjektcompeted on America’s Best Dance Crew performing blending, a style fusing house dancing with clogging. (Think footwork!) The Lab is now the place to go to learn blending.

Other offerings at The Lab include open gym hours,Zumbafor the exercise-oriented dancer, and yoga. Some of the people initially scheduled to teach dance include Jay Chris Moore, Aye Hasegawa, Jed Florano, Jesse Trinidad, and Heather Gonzalez for hip hop, Ray Basa for house dancing, and Sherwin Sales for breakdancing.

All the studio’s web sites and e-mail addresses contain “InTheLab247” because the dancer/creators behindeLABoratefeel like they’re “in the lab” creatively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You can find eLABorate on Facebook, eLABorate on Twitter, and studio videos on eLABorate Creative Arts Center’s YouTube channel.

Located at the back of a shopping center, eLABorate Creative Arts Center has a spacious free parking lot. You can spot the square black “The Lab” sign with green writing over the center’s doorway in the corner unit.

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