Ellen Kim Teaches First Hip-Hop Class in Los Angeles

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Mar 6, 2011

Ellen Kim (founding co-artistic director of the Lost Kids crew) has relocated to Los Angeles from the Bay Area! She teaches her first class in L.A. on Monday at 2 pm, at Millennium Dance Complex, subbing open-level Hip Hop for ShaunEvaristo. (Shaun is also from the Bay. All right, Bay Area! We see you!)

Ellen joins her fellow Lost Kids founding co-artistic director in L.A., choreographer and hip-hop instructor KyleHanagami, who won the first annual The Industry Voice Award for Class of the Year at Debbie Reynolds Studio in December 2010.

You can see her choreography on Ellen Kim’s YouTube channel(most recent: a collaboration with Adela Vanikova to “What’s My Name” by Rihanna).

Come check out Ellen’s style and welcome her to L.A.!

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