Hip Hop with Lisa Kellogg

Lisa Kellogg, an experienced hip-hop instructor in Santa Monica, CA, offers fun teen/adult open-level and intro-level hip-hop classes....

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Hip Hop with Lisa Kellogg


Lisa Kellogg is an experienced hip-hop dancer and instructor in Santa Monica, CA. Lisa offers fun hip-hop classes as well as dance parties for both kids and adults. Most of her teen/adult hip-hop classes are open to all skill levels, and Lisa also offers teen/adult intro-level classes. You can see her dynamic hip-hop style, combining old-school hip hop with the latest moves, on Lisa Kellogg’s YouTube channel.

The Classes page on Lisa’s web site (see sidebar) provides her Santa Monica Hip Hop Dance class schedule, location information, and payment options. You can also find videos on the site and some info on the amazing projects she’s been a part of, including Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.”

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