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Regular visitors to Walt Disney World parks regualary take a backpack along with them. In addition to taking a pouch to hold your money and tickets, you should also take a suitable bag....

castle at night

Regular visitors to Walt Disney World parks often take a backpack along with them. In addition to taking a pouch to hold your money and tickets, you should also take a suitable backpack. Although you will have to submit it for checking at each entrance, its benefits outweigh this minor inconvenience. Below are some of the best backpacks for Disney World.






high sierra loopHigh Sierra Loop4.6
Jester PackThe North Face Jester4.5
UA HustleUnder Armour Hustle II4.5
Dude SportsDude Sport Pack4.3
Bebamour ToteBebamour Travel Tote4.4


High Sierra Loop

high sierra loopSince its creation in 1978, the High Sierra Company has become a first-class manufacturer of outdoor gear, travel luggage, duffel bags, and of course, backpack. Loop bags are produced from a nylon fabric of a pure ballistic quality and will, because of it, last a long time without any tears or other problems. It features shoulder straps that are adjustable, giving its owner the chance to set them according to their preferences. It includes a large compartment as the main packing area, but it also includes a Tech Spot, which is a designated sleeve compartment that is easily able to hold a smartphone or a tablet.


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The North Face Jester

Jester Pack
If you are thinking of bringing a bag along with you to the amusement parks then this one should be strongly considered. The FlexVent straps is one feature that makes it stand out from other bags .The straps are injection-moulded and prevent the irritating and sticky sweat that is likely to buildup after carrying a pack all day. This is especially beneficial when visiting the parks when the weather is warm to ensure your trip is comfortable.


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Under Armour Hustle II

UA Hustle

The Under Armour Hustle II backpacks are known for their durability. They are based on the UA storm technology that makes them extremely reliable. These packs are available in various color combinations, so choosing one that fits your personal style should not be an issue. This model backpack is known for it’s enormous compartment space. It would serve you well in the parks to ensure that you do not leave any of your essentials behind. These packs are water resistant so they would be good to use when visiting the parks in rainy season.


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 Dude Sport Pack

Dude Sports

This bag is hard to beat for parents visiting the parks with small children. The Dude Sport pack is designed to look stylish for adults and has several spacious pockets to carry all the needed supplies while out and about. It features 2 open side pockets, a few interior compartments and comfortable padded shoulder straps for your comfort. It looks like the typical school bag, but offers a more comfortable design and desirable organization to allow packing different items separately


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Bebamour Travel Backpack Tote

Bebamour Tote

This is another viable option to try out if you are a parent looking for a bag that is simple yet stylish. This easy to carry pack has comfortable padded shoulder straps and two adjustable top handles. It has a single large front pocket, 2 vertical zipper pockets, 2 open side pockets and 8 inside pockets that features a changing mat and baby bottle case. This pack is designed for top comfort. Whenever you feel tired of carrying the pack on your back, the adjustable top handles will give you another way to handle it. This is a very durable bag that come in different colors to suite your taste.

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Things To Put In Your Disney Bag

Disney world is the best place any parent can ever think of taking their children during the holidays. There are endless fun activities there for your kids to enjoy as they get to mingle with their favorite cartoon characters. During the trip, there are a number of essential items that you must never forget if you want to fully enjoy your time there. The list is very long, hence we can’t exhaust all of it in this article, but just to have a rough idea, here are a few of them.


Portable Battery Charger

Most people know the agony of having a dead phone. This feeling is multiplied if your phone loses charge when you are out enjoying yourself at the park’s. An external battery charger could help solve this problem. Simply plug your gear in and continue to enjoy yourself while you are out. No need to worry about your equipment not working when you need it the most.



The weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Which means you might go there expecting a sunny day but instead, it rains. Now you don’t want to spoil the fun for the kids just because it’s raining. Invest in some ponchos for everyone. You can find these items either at a local store or you can just pick them at the park. The best thing with ponchos is that they are light weight and cheap so carrying them shouldn’t be cumbersome and you won’t feel bad throwing them away either as they usually not much more than a dollar.


Mister Fan

Speaking of the weather, the best time to visit is during summer when the children are out of school. But, too much exposure to the sun can get quite uncomfortable. The kids may get tired and worn out thus missing out on all the fun. This is where a misting fan comes in handy. You must never forget to carry this with you when you visit this place as it can get too hot. As the fan runs, it sprinkles some water on your face to cool you down. Again, you can easily find these misting fans even at your local discount store for about $7 and they come in different colors.


Dry Change of clothes for kids

This one goes without saying. As the kids have fun at the park, things can get extremely messy. If they are not spilling some food or drink on their clothes, they might fall while running and no parent likes to walk with their kid looking all messed up. Carrying extra clothes will allow the kids have as much fun as possible without worrying about their clothes getting dirty.



Keep Sunglasses for the Whole Family

Every family member needs to have a pair of sunglasses when you visit Disney World. You need these sunglasses to protect your eyes from the effects of the sunny atmosphere and the reflective surface of the concrete sidewalk. There is no need to keep squinting or using your hands to shield your eyes throughout the day. Instead, you should buy sunglasses with straps that will hold them in place when you go on fast rides. Although sunglasses are sold at the park, you will save a lot of money if you buy them in advance and put a pair for each person in your backpack.



Hold Hand Sanitizers and Wet Wipes

Your bag should help you transport your hand sanitizer and wipes. Disney World hosts hundreds of thousands of parents and kids annually. Many people put their sweaty hands on the bars in queues and on rides. Your kids will also hold on to these bars once in a while no matter how many times you tell them not to do so. Thus, germs and harmful bacteria can easily be transferred from one child to another. Before you consume any snacks or drinks, ensure that you use a hand sanitizer. Also, you should use wipes to clean your kids hands after consuming any form of ice cream or other sticky treats.



Carry Your Water Bottles, Drinks and Snacks

Put your snacks, water and drinks in your backpack before you leave home. As you walk around in Disney World, your kids will be drawn to all the attractive snacks and drinks sold in the park. You will have to contend with frequent complaints about hunger when your kids see the variety of snacks and drinks sold in the park. Buying these snacks could be quite expensive for most families. For this reason, you should put some fruits, granola bars, juice boxes, and water bottles in your bag. Any time your kids declare their hunger, you can take something from your bag and give it to them.



Protect Your Autograph Book

Your kids will love to have an autograph from Mickey Mouse and other popular Disney World characters. So you should buy an autograph book or make one at home. Put your autograph book in your backpack so that you don’t lose it as you hop from one ride to another. Keeping it in your backpack will also preserve it from dirt and sweaty hands. Make sure you take a fat pen along because the Disney World characters usually find it difficult to hold normal thin pens to write autographs.


Other stuff that you will need to carry include:

  • An extra pair of comfortable shoes.
  • Band-Aids for those blisters in case you don’t want to carry an extra pair of shoes.
  • A photo mailer to help bring those memorable photos back home in perfect condition.
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated during the long drive.
  • Chewing gums if you like to keep your mouth busy.
  • Back up charger for the camera and phone.
  • Lanyard for keeping your pass tickets safe.


Those are some of the important reasons why you should take a backpack along with you when you are going to Disney World. Don’t forget that it will also help you to hold your digital camera, batteries and memory cards so you can take as many videos and photos as you want.

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