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A good bag for teachers should provide all the space needed to carry your laptop, paperwork and other items seamlessly. We examine several different bags on the market....

The right gear should provide all the space needed to carry folders, a lesson planner, student’s assignments, refreshments, and other personal items. Every teacher is different, so the features and options that are needed will not be the same for everyone. With so many options available on the market, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect item.




SCOUT Original DeanoSCOUT4.8
Leabags Nizza BriefcaseLeabags Nizza4.5
Swissgear Granadaswiss gear granada4.4
Trendy Flyer Laptoptrendy flyer4.3
Timbuk2 ParksideTIMBUK24.7


SCOUT Original Deano


Three words are often used to describe this bag – Large, Sturdy and Waterproof. The Scout Original Deano Tote can handle just about whatever you need to carry. It is made from plywoven fabric and the leatherette reinforced handles and bottom makes it durable. This model is water resistant and can be easily be cleaned with just a damp cloth. Another great feature about this tote is that it stands upright on its own when placed on a solid surface. These teachers tote bags has developed a cult like following among its consumers for being lightweight, water resistant and overall being very low maintenance. It is available in numerous colors and styles, so it should be easy to find one that fits your personal taste.


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Leabags Nizza Briefcase

Leabags Nizza

This leather  bag impresses with top notch quality and timeless design. You will not have to sacrifice functionality over style with this briefcase teachers bag. It is made of high quality 100 percent authentic buffalo leather, and is the perfect size for handling your everyday essentials. You would be able to easily organize your paper work and folders with this tote bag for teachers. On the outside it has a large zipped pocket that is extremely deep and roomy.  The interior lining of this model is made from a classy olive green fabric that matches the leather exterior surface. Using this bag is convenient because it can be carried like a handbag, messenger bag or tote.

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Swissgear Granada

swiss gear granadaThis Swissgear rolling laptop bag is designed to fit all your needs. It can easily handle most laptops that are up 17 inches in size, and still has available room for other books and items that you need to carry. It holds its shape no matter if it is full or empty, so you don’t have to worry about it sagging or looking empty when you do not have many items to carry. The wheels on the bottom of this bag rolls very smoothly and the telescoping handle zips neatly into the case. This is a very classy looking item and would work well for a male or female teacher.



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Trendy Flyer Laptop

trendy flyer If you need a rolling laptop tote bag to carry your items but want something with a little more style, then this is the bag for you. This is a very large and stylish bag, and you should be able to carry all your items with ease. This model is designed to accommodate most laptops up to 17 inches and has plenty of room left over for other books, files and folders that you would need to carry. The wheels on the bottom are convenient when you don’t want to carry it, but it also has handles on the top so it can be used as a tote. This is a very stylish looking bag that comes in many patterns and colors to fit your personal style.


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Timbuk2 Parkside



The Timbuk2 Parkside is a very high quality made and smart designed bag. It has many pockets for all the various devices and accessories that you carry around on a daily basis. The internal cushioned sleeves can fit most laptops up to 15 inches in size. This model is very roomy on the inside and can handle layers of material and a pair of shoes. It also has a water bottle pocket for days when you need to hydrate on the go, and a bottle opener on the strap when you need to grab a quick beverage.


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Features To Look For

Size and Space

Your bag should be as big and spacious as possible. It should have sufficient room to contain all the items you carry around now and still have space for additional items. However, its size should not make it cumbersome or difficult to carry with your hands. Good teacher bags have adequate space within and outside. If you put in your laptop, ipad/tablet, a set of ring binders, your water bottle, and every other thing you need for school, it should accommodate them comfortably.

Attractive Design


Although functionality is very important, a teacher’s bag should also look very attractive to the owner. You should be able to find a bag that is large enough to carry all of your belongings while still having a cute design. Bear in mind that you will be carrying this bag to school daily so it should have a suitable color with a nicely patterned fabric. Some manufacturers add a monogram to the external surface and compliment it with a bright colored handle. Before you decide on a bag, take a look at various fabric designs and select one that will make you happy each time you have to put something in it or carry it to school.

Durability and Strength


A bag that will carry so many valuable items for you must be sturdy. This bag should be strong enough to hold your items now and also last for a couple of years before you start thinking of getting a replacement. Features that portray durability include, a strong and easy to clean fabric, and a reinforced base that enables the bag to remain in an upright position when you put it down. Other things you may look for include, double-stitches on the handles and edges, as well as grommet reinforcements.

Pockets and Accessories


Inner and outer pockets make it easier for you to organize your items in the bag. No matter how much room the bag has inside, it should still have external pockets. You can put your umbrella, water bottle and keys into the external pockets for instant access. In addition to the external pockets, some bag manufacturers offer inserts that you can use to organize your things. These tote inserts can serve as additional inner compartments. For instance, a section could be for assignments to be graded, while another one can help you hold your lunch.


Bag Designs That Work Well For Teachers

Being a teacher, you probably have tried many different types of bags. But many of them are not very functional for what your needs are. Some bags like the fabric floppy totes that you often see many teachers use do not have any shape. As a result, most of their items end up on the very bottom of the bag – and do not leave enough room for their laptop or other items that are needed. Others may not have a comfortable shoulder strap or wheels, so it makes it very inconvenient to transport your material. Below are some of the best types of bag designs that work well for teachers.

  • Rolling

Rolling bags are not just for business travelers and people who travel often. They also can be of great service to teachers. If you are a teacher that floats from classroom to classroom, you may find that this design works really well for you. Wheeled bags often have space dedicated strictly for your laptop computer, and have another comportment to hold the other stationary material that is needed. With this design, you do not have to worry about hurting your shoulder by carrying a heavy load. The wheels make it very easy to pull the bag along behind you.


  • Tote

Tote Bags are usually the go to bags for teachers. Most of them are large enough to carry your lunch, books and other electronics that are needed for the day. If you think that a tote bag is right for you then I would recommend finding one with pockets on the outside and a solid base so that it could stand up without falling over. Finding one with a comfortable handle should also be looked at so it does not hurt your hand when carrying it.


  • Backpack

These days many teachers find that a backpack is the right bag for them. Wheeled Backpacks can be the best of both worlds if you need a rolling model, and a good place to store your laptop. They often come in many different designs so it should not be a problem to find one that fits all of your needs.

Ways To Avoid Carrying So Many Things


Teachers often have many items to carry. They often carry their lunch, morning coffee, purse, teacher’s tote and extra coat and boots if the weather is bad outside in one hand. While using their other hand to open the door to school and get into their classroom. You should make it a top priority to get rid of some of the extra BAGGAGE that you are carrying. Below are some tips to help you carry less of a load.

  •  Leave your purse at home

If it is possible at all, you should think about leaving your purse at home. You could carry your wallet, phone and keys in your teachers bag and eliminate one extra thing to carry.

  •  Leave Work at School

For some teachers, it is not essential to bring work home on a daily basis. So why do it if you do not have to? You could leave your notebook and assignment in your classroom. Many teachers find that they never get around to doing work at home anyway because of other obligations. By using your time at work more efficiently, you could get away with hauling one less bag.

  • Purchase Two of Everything

Depending on what area you live in, having two of everything may be a great idea. You could have extra gloves, hats, umbrella at school for bad weather days. And bring an extra pair of shoes at school so you do not have to wear wet shoes when it is rainy outside.


Other Great Gift Ideas For Teachers

Teachers work hard to impart students with knowledge and understanding. They spend many hours preparing lessons and grading students’ work. But their value is often taken for granted. It is often a profession that someone chooses because of their love for helping others, not for the pay.

Teachers, however, deserve all the love, appreciation and encouragement that you can give. At least three times in a year: at the end of the semester, at Christmas and on the teacher’s birthday, you should give a good gift to a teacher. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to help you get a good gifts for a teacher.

Personalized Gift

People love personalized gift items with their name or photograph imprinted on them. Teachers love them too. You can personalize various gifts including cakes, chocolates, clothing items, medals, pendants, trinket boxes and household decorations. You can search online for companies who provide various gift personalization services. If you can bake a nice cake, you can decorate it with a simple thank you message that includes the teachers name. Another good example is a personalized keepsakes box that has the teachers name on the top with the faces and names of her students painted around the box.

An Appreciation Letter and Card

One of the best things you can use to show appreciation to a teacher is a thoughtful thank you letter and card, signed by you and your child. In the letter, you should provide definite instances that show how the teacher has helped your child to grow and how your child’s behavior has changed positively. If your child is old enough, get him or her to write a few sentences of appreciation in the letter. Make the letter simple and sweet; a page or two will do. Teachers love these appreciation letters because the average teacher is not adequately compensated for the effort they put into the job.

Collective Parents’ Gift

It is good to present a gift to a teacher individually, but you can offer a more valuable and durable gift through the contributions of each parent. For instance, if you have two or more kids in school, you may not be able to give highly priced gifts to each of their teachers and teaching assistants. But you can contribute $5 each in a class of about 25 students and you will be able to buy a gift with substantial value like a kitchen appliance, for the teacher and her assistant. To do this effectively, you may need to contact other parents early, get their contact details, and meet online through a social media network, so you can decide on the type of gift you want to buy.

Gift Vouchers

Most teachers, particularly in elementary school, are underpaid. So when you want to give a teacher a gift for her birthday, you could spoil her with a gift voucher. The voucher does not have to be of a high amount. Anything from $10 will be deeply appreciated. Gift cards will relieve you of the mental strain involved in trying to pick a perfect gift that the teacher will appreciate. It also gives the teacher the chance to use the money to buy exactly what she wants at that time.


Those are some of the ideas you can use to appreciate any good teacher at the end of the term, end of session, Christmas, birthday, or any time you have the opportunity to do so. In addition to the ideas given here, you should also try to discern the present personal needs of the teacher so you can offer a gift that will be deeply appreciated.



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